Friday, 13 April 2018

Disclosure of Truth

Disclosure of Truth
The fact that the Park Geun-hye group fabricated the data related with the day when the ferrySewol disaster occurred in a bid to flee from the responsibility of the disaster was brought to light to arouse astonishment and indignation of the south Korean people from all walks of life.
According to the investigation result issued by the Public Prosecutors Office, Park got a report at her bed without even reporting for work when the lives of hundreds of pupils were at stake. Park did not take any measure to rescue them and convened a conference after Choi Soon-sil arrived some hours later. After end of the meeting she called a beauty doctor to have her hair trimmed and smoothed out her wrinkles.      
It is beyond imagination that she did nothing when the fate of pupils hung in the balance.
The Liberty Korea Party clan made preposterous remarks that “the protesters told a lie” and “Park is miserable” when south Korea is inflamed with surging indignation against the Park clique after the result of investigation was made public.
All facts prove that ferry Sewol disaster is not accidental but an intentional massacre caused by unpopular rule of the Park group.

The conservative group has made desperate bid to keep the massacre under the carpet of history and evade stern punishment by the people, however, the truth has been revealed as time goes by. The noose of punishment is tightening Park and her accomplices. 

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