Sunday, 8 April 2018

KCNA Commentary Derides Japan's Immature Politics

Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) -- Japan persists in pursuing immature politics against the trend of the times.

Japan's Foreign Minister Kono talked rubbish chilling the atmosphere of dialogue on the Korean peninsula at a recent lecture, only to be censured by the public at home and abroad. He said that "one should not respond in haste to north Korea's 'charm offensive'" and "there is no need to hurry as north Korea may take advantage of it".

Commenting on such ill language often let out by the Abe government, Asahi Shimbun said "Japan fears that it might be isolated in the hot wind of north Korea-centered diplomacy in Northeast Asia", adding "people are concerned that Japan might be left alone under the rapidly changing situation."

As recognized by the public, the Abe government's trite hard-line policy and attitude toward the DPRK are no more than grumbling by the lonely island nation which was sidelined under the developing regional situation.

The phenomenon of "alienating Japan", of which it is now much concerned, was just brought by Japan itself, not by anyone else.

Japan is ahead of others in the geographic time zone but is always the last of the region and among the international community in the political time table. Its politics must be problematic.

Different from some opinions about smart "Japan's politics", the Abe government's short-sighted and backward politics are the worst ever in history.

Its authorities' language is run through with crude words and unilateral attitude betraying their ill intention to seek their interests only by disregarding the demand and interests of neighboring countries or by abusing them.

As for its hard-line policy hostile toward the DPRK, Japan persists in pursuing it in order to not only turn its home politics into reactionary and ultra-right ones but also step up rearmament and become a military giant.

That's why Japan was forsaken by the countries in the region calling for stability and atmosphere of reconciliation while keeping sharp vigilance against the moves of Japan. It is bound to be sidelined in the current trend of situation.

Recently, it invited others to tighten "cooperation in pressurizing" the DPRK, crying out for monitoring its "sea smuggling" and talking about "sharing of burden and observation", but got only silent or frosty receptions.

Japan is a country of Asia but is an island country apart from the Asian continent.

It should know that it can never change its fate as a politically isolated "lonely island nation" if it fails to face up to the demand and the trend in the region. -0

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