Monday, 30 April 2018

The new lies of the bourgeois media against People's Korea

The imperialist bourgeois mainstream media have long demonized and vilified People's Korea and its supreme leadership . At times the anti-DPRK propaganda went way beyond the worst Cold War propaganda against the USSR and other former socialist countries , way ,way beyond it . The Western media's hostility to the DPRK even exceeded that of the hostility towards the Islamic world . On Friday 27th of April , the false image of Marshal KIM JONG UN and People's Korea , that had been built up by mainstream media brainwashers , was shattered into a million pieces !
Now they the mainstream media are trying to get around this , to square the circle by telling more lies , saying that the DPRK's moves for peace were "due to the sanctions ", that the DPRK has "given in " or "surrendered " and that the DPRK has accepted unilateral disarmament .
When you tell a lie and it is exposed you then have to tell more lie

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