Friday, 13 April 2018

Imperishable achievements for great national unity

Twenty-five years ago in April 1993, President Kim Il Sung made public his work "10-Point Program of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation for the Reunification of the Country".
The program, clarified principle and ideological basis of great national unity, is an encyclopedic one that shed light on all matters in promoting national unity and is the most reasonable and realistic charter for great national unity which reflects aspiration and demand of the Korean nation and specific condition of the movement for reunification.
With the publication of the program, the Korean nation could get aboveboard and patriotic program and national reunification had a bright prospects.
The publication of the program was an event of historic significance which enabled the Korean nation in the north, south and abroad to promote national reconciliation and unity, irrespective of differences, and made it possible to achieve independent and peaceful reunification of the country on the strength of overall national unity
With his boundlessly broad magnanimity, he warmly treated and put forward those who hoped for national reunification on the road of reunification and patriotism without questioning their political view, ism and inglorious past.
Under his warm benevolence, many well-known and unsung people kept to the path of national reunification and made a tangible contribution to national concord. They are remembered by the nation as martyrs of reunification.
President Kim Il Sung’s warm affection served as the motive power for strengthening the main group of reunification and developing the movement for reunification on a nationwide basis.
The tradition of great national unity crowned the history of national reunification with victory and glory is a precious fruition of the President’s idea of great national unity and patriotism.
Successfully inheriting the President’s ideology of overall national unity, LeaderKim Jong Il developed the movement for reunification on a higher stage and provided a sure guarantee for accomplishing the cause of great national unity pioneered by the President by opening up the June 15 reunification era.
The cause of great national unity pioneered by President Kim Il Sung and led by Leader Kim Jong Il is being carried out by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
Thanks to energetic guidance of the Supreme Leader, inter-Korean relationship riddled with animosity and face-off has turned into national rapprochement and concord.
Supporting patriotic idea and intention of the Supreme Leader is a shortcut to overall national unity and realization of national reunification.

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