Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Only South Koreans' Destiny Will Be Intercepted by THAAD: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, April 24 (KCNA) -- The south Korean authorities persist in the deployment of THAAD for aggression, going against the present trend of the times and the public desire toward peace and détente.

Getting zealous in the procurement of materials and equipment for the interior project of the THAAD base, they are quenching the south Koreans' struggle against it.

This is an intolerable challenge to the just struggle of the south Koreans to end the political and military domination by outsiders and defend the rights to living and safety.

However vocal the south Korean authorities may become in the usefulness of THAAD, its traitorous nature and danger can never be concealed.

THAAD is a high-altitude theatre air defense system which the U.S. and the Park Geun Hye group of conservatives illegally introduced defying the rejection by all the compatriots and the international community under the pretext of "coping with missile threats from the north".

Its deployment is a traitorous act of turning south Korea into an advance base for the U.S. hegemonic strategy and leaving it as a priority strike task of neighboring countries as unanimously asserted by many experts of the world that "THAAD can never intercept the DPRK's missiles in the near location and its more efficient function is to provide fortress to the U.S. theatre missile defense system by monitoring the strategic missile activities of China and Russia".

That's why the present chief executive of south Korea had denounced the U.S. and the Park Geun Hye conservative group's scheme for THAAD deployment before he came to power, saying that "the THAAD controversy makes us feel shame to brag ourselves as genuine sovereign state" and "we demand suspension of THAAD".

The south Korean authorities now suppress the struggle of the people against the THAAD base construction, persistently pushing forward with it. This can not but be a criminal act little short of willing to follow in the footsteps of traitor Park Geun Hye ill-famed for evil doings.

It is preposterous for the south Korean authorities to talk about peace over THAAD.

The south Koreans from all walks of life are now becoming assertive in their call for withdrawal of THAAD which had been introduced under the pretext of the north's ballistic missile test-fire, which was stopped.

It is natural for the south Korean authorities to respond with the withdrawal of THAAD urgently as demanded by the rapidly-changed present situation and the public mindset since they described its deployment as "temporary measure".

But the present authorities remain attached to the U.S.-made war monster and do not bother to offer the taxes collected from people to outsiders as expense for its operation.

The aggression-minded outsiders only will benefit from THAAD and it is only the destiny of the south Koreans that will be intercepted by it.

The south Korean authorities have to make a proper decision, mindful that they will only face misfortune if they keep such trouble-maker as THAAD.

The south Koreans from all walks of life should courageously turn out in the struggle to remove THAAD posing threat to the sovereignty and safety of the nation. -0-

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