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DPRK's great victory in building the economy and nuclear force in parallel-special article by Dr Dermot Hudson


On  the 20th of April the Workers' Party of Korea convened the 3rd Plenary Meeting of its 7th Central Committee. At the meeting it was decided to discontinue nuclear and ICBM tests , why ?  because the DPRK had actually won victory in the struggle to implement the dual line of building the economy and nuclear force , the DPRK had completed its state nuclear force and became a nuclear power of Juche . Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  declared that"the victory of the WPK's line was won and thus the struggle of the Korean people who worked hard with their belt tightened to acquire a powerful treasured sword for defending peace was successfully concluded and the firm guarantee by which our descendents can enjoy the most dignified and happiest life in the world was provided".

 Thus there is no longer the need to carry out nuclear tests or ICBM tests. The work of building up the nuclear force has been concluded.Korea which once could even produce simple rifles in the past is now a fully fledged nuclear and rocket power  standing on equal terms with other countries big and small. Thanks to the DPRK's nuclear deterrent  the Korean people and future generations can enjoy the blue sky in the mornings and enjoy peace without having their lives darkened by war and foreign intervention .The DPRK is now able to sit down and negotiate from a position of strength and negotiate with others.
 The news took the world by storm and evoked  all kinds of reactions from across the globe,mostly positive. The imperialist media tried to paint the annoucement of discontuination of nuclear and ICBM tests as a unilateral concession by the DPRK . Some people worried about what would happen to the DPRK.
   It should be emphasised that to contrary to what some people are saying , the DPRK has not agreed to the one-sided  denuclearisaton , basically unilateral disarmament that the imperialists want for the DPRK .The goal of the US imperialists and other imperialists is to force the DPRK to give up its nuclear deterrent , so-called "complete , irreversible and verifiable disarmament " and at the same time dismantle the Juche-based socialist system of the DPRK through  "reform" and "opening up. This is the twin track policy of US and world imperialism. Of course the DPRK is committed to a nuclear free Korean peninsula and indeed a world without nuclear weapons but this can only be achieved by fair methods .The US must end its nuclear threat to the DPRK and withdraw its nuclear weapons from in and around the Korean peninsula .
   In March 2013 the line of building the nuclear force and economy in parallel had been put forward at the meeting plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party . This line became known as Pyongjin(sometimes  calleds Byungjin). This was  a truly amazing and revolutionary line  , which was essentially a creative development of the line of building the economy and defence in parallel that was first advanced by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG  in 1962. The Korean people led by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN have defied the sanctions and pressure of the imperialists and built the economy and nuclear force in parallel. Although sanction after sanction was applied by the US and UNSC  the DPRK self-reliantly built the economy and nuclear force in parallel without deflection or marking time .

  During the period from March 2013 and April 2018 , the DPRK carried out three nuclear tests including two for the H bomb as well as tests of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles .In the same period the DPRK carried out  more 20 tests of missiles and rockets including Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles , Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles  and Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles. Basically Juche Korea raced across the nuclear  finishing line and become a proud member of the nuclear club which consists of a small number of countries such as the US, UK ,France , Russia , China , Israel , India and Pakistan . Similarly the ICBM club  is an elite exclusive club of just  6 or 7 countries . My own country Britain which once styled itself as having an empire "on which the sun never set " , does not have it own ICBMs . The DPRK has both its own ICBMs and Nukes , more importantly it has total control over them, it does not have to ask the permission of another country to fire its ICBMs nor does any other country have a second key to operate the DPRK's nuclear weapons !
 I remember being in the DPRK in September 2016 when the DPRK carried out both nuclear and missile tests. On the 9th of September  when I was going into the Ponghwa Art Theatre in the afternoon ,suddenly my guide  turned to me and  said in a quiet but determined voice  "this morning we have successfully tested the nuclear warhead ". Later that night  I saw on tv the veteran DPRK news announcer Ri Chun Hee announce the nuclear test . On the day that I arrived , the 6th of September, the DPRK had conducted  most impressive test of a road launched ICBM .I was able to watch on to watch it on TV during the evening of my arrival . I could only marvel at the majestic sight of the  road launched missiles  blasting off from the Pyongyang-Kaesong motorway.
  At the same time the economy of the DPRK was built up. Despite have to spend resources on building nuclear weapons  the DPRK as well harsh and draconian sanctions , the DPRK pressed ahead with truly massive construction projects such as building Mirae Scientists' Street and Ryomyong  Street, projects that if carried out in the Western countries would cost billions and billions of dollars but Juche Korea completed these in a short space of time with its own resources and labour. The DPRK has won victory on both fronts.
  Concluding that victory has been achieved in implementing the line of dual build up of the economy and nuclear force, respected Marshal KIM JONG UN put forward a new revolutionary strategy of socialist economic construction. Juche Korea  will not rest on its laurels but rush forward to a new and higher goal. The DPRK is now going to press head with socialist economic construction under the banner of self-reliance and self-development and devote all efforts to this goal .This line will improve people's living standards  and make  Juche based ,Korean socialism even better and more prosperous than before . The goal is in the words of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN to " put the national economy on a Juche, modern, IT and scientific basis and provide all the people with affluent and highly civilized life so that they can live as well as others."
                                      Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN stressed that "that the core and main principle of the new revolutionary line of the Party is self-reliance" .In my view self-reliance is the most correct and revolutionary method to build socialism. In fact it is a weapon against the imperialists that is more powerful than a 1,000 H bombs . It will enable the Korean people to splendidly build socialism by their own resources and at the same time shut out capitalism and imperialism .

   Having victoriously concluded  the work of building the economy and nuclear force in parallel , the Korean people will now go to build a self-reliant socialist people's paradise !

Dr Dermot Hudson
President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Official Delegate Korean Friendship for UK
hon secretary general International Central Committee For Songun Study .

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