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UK KFA Chair Dr Dermot Hudson Interviewed by VTC of Vietnam -translatation
On April 27th, Korea Summit was held at Panmunjom with participation of leaders from two Koreas. After about one decade, leaders of both Korea have their first metting. After meeting, two Koreas have their join statement.
Follow this event, VTC News has a discussion with Chairman of Juche Idea Study Group of England, Official Delegate at Korean Friendship Association, Dermot Hudson.
(VTC News) Korea Summit was held on April 27th is the event that is long time awaited by two Koreas. At this event, leaders of DPRK and ROK have their meeting for the first time.
(Dermot Hudson) The meeting and the joint statement will pave the way forward to the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea. It means that Korea will reunified peacefully without recourse to arms.
Media said that this event end the 65-years-war between two Korea, but DPRK’s media affirmed that DPRK never has war with the South and that is the fact.
The war which [other media] mention here is war between DPRK and US. The Korean Armistice Agreement was signed by the DPRK, China and US.
Moreover, international media said that DPRK use the Korea Summit for seeking a chance to loose sanctions, that is not true.
Firstly the holding of the summit is in line with the policy on reunification adopted by the 7th Congress of the Workers's Party of Korea and the proposals in [Marshal] Kim Jong-un’s new year address for 2018. The DPRK can totally beat the sanctions through self-reliance.
DPRK has not waited to become a nuclear power then hold negotiation. In fact, Pyongyang proposed negotiations and dialgoue many times but the previous south Korean regimes refused to listen, now there has been some change in south Korea, under Moon Jae-in’s time.
(VTC News) Before Korea Summit was held, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, at that time was head of CIA, had a secret meeting with [Marshal] Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang…
(Dermot Hudson) The US and DPRK have held negotiations one and off for some time, sometimes these are open and other time not. The meeting [of Mike Pompeo and [Marshal] Kim Jong-un] was part of the process of DPRK-US negotiation.
This meeting could lead to a good result for US and DPRK, and also good for DPRK and south Korea, but this would depend on the outcome of such negotiatons. If Washington finally ends its hostile policy [to Pyongyang] and stops interfereing in Korea that this would be a good result for all sides.
Although [Marshal] Kim Jong-un stated that DPRK will hail nuclear and missile test, but he also affirmed that DPRK will countinute those tests if they are threaten by any nuclear powers.
But there are chances for a nuclear-free Korean peninsula, if the US ceases its nuclear threat against the DPRK, then there can be a nuclear free Korean peninsula. The US should end its nuclear threat against DPRK, gives up its nuclear threat and its nuclear arsenal permanently and irreversibly, so there will be a a nuclear-free Korean peninsula.
Quite possibly, after Korea Summit there will be meetings between DPRK’s [Supreme] leader Kim Jong-un with leaders from other coutries, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe or even US President Donald Trump.
We have to affirm that DPRK is committed to building friendly relations with all countries that respect its independence and are friendly to it, and also countries which support Korean Reunification.
I am impressed with the DPRK in supporting legal gorvernment of Syrian President Bashar Assad. This is a concrete example, Pyongyang always protect peace in actions, and this is internationalism in action.
(VTC News) Korea Summit is considered as the beginning of peace on Korea peninsula, with the join statement of leaders from DPRK and ROK…
(Dermot Hudson) I think two Koreas will be truly have their reunification, truly fulfill their desire of reunification, the desire that has been longed for many decades.
Korea Summit on April 27th is first step, but to achieve this, the momentum must be kept up. If the US role in south Korea is finally ended then reunification will come.
(VTC News) Thank you!

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