Saturday, 21 April 2018

More on Mercenary Academics and shadowy anti-DPRK centres

Some more background information to the University of Leiden and the anti-DPRK Panorama programme .
Firstly , the Netherlands is a NATO member and very closely co-operates with the CIA . To quote from an American source
"Cooperation between the Central Intelligence Agency and the Dutch domestic security service, the Binnenlandse Veiligheidsdienst (BVD), had been established since the late 1940s".
The University of Leiden was founded by William of Orange and is closely associated with the Dutch ruling class . At least one former NATO secretary general attended the university . Although there is a website for the university's fund, the actual source of funds for the university is not transparent .It is not revealed who is funding the University's so -called " research " on the DPRK . Maybe wikileaks and others could get on the case to reveal who is really paying . However, it is likely to the CIA, NIS, Dutch intelligence , MI6 , wealthy right wingers and big transational corporations .
So what is the role of the University of Leiden ? . During the Cold War the imperialist countries established special anti-communist propaganda institutes and organisations notably the infamous Hoover Institution . In the UK you had the "Information Research Dept " set up by MI6 , which included the notorious anti-communist scumbag and anti-Irish racist George Orwell (author of the infamous "Animal Farm " and " 1984") . However , the UK and other European countries preferred a much more subtle and route than the gung-ho and pigheaded Yankees . The preferred method was using academic institutions ostensibly to provide "research " on the socialist countries but in reality to churn out massive anti-communist propaganda with a veneer of 'objectivity ' . The Cold War is over but the massive anti-communist propaganda machine has now been turned against People's Korea . The University of Leiden and other institutions play the role of special anti-DPRK centres , in fact psychological warfare shock brigades .
Apparently at least one character has claimed he is not overpaid . However research shows that a professor at the University of Leiden gets £126,000 per year (several times my modest income) and 33 times the amount paid to an unemployed worker ! I call that overpaid ! Of course that does not include the fees from the BBC....

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