Wednesday, 4 April 2018

KCNA Commentary on S. Korean Authorities' Seeking Confrontation in League with Conservatives

Pyongyang, April 4 (KCNA) -- There has been another farce of confrontation with the DPRK in south Korea at a time when there are increasing support and expectation of the public for the improvement of the north-south ties.

On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the sinking of "Cheonan" ship, there was a "ceremony to mark the day of defending the West Sea" with the attendance of "government" officials including the prime minister, ruling and opposition party politicians and the U.S. forces commander in south Korea, and more than 10 warships went about in the East Sea of Korea, fanning up the atmosphere for confrontation with the DPRK.

Such rhetoric as "threat" and "atrocities" and ill-boding calls for "firmly defending the West Sea despite the phase for the improvement of the south-north ties" and "keeping security tight even though there is hope for settlement of peace" were heard from those events, shocking the people.

This is an intolerable confrontational racket going against the north-south dialogue and reconciliation phase and a provocative act openly slandering and threatening the dialogue partner.

The criminal nature of the "Cheonan" ship sinking has already been revealed and the truth behind it is being proven through the study by lots of experts and scholars and testimonies made by those concerned with the case.

Even the typical conservative media Chosun Ilbo clarified that it is natural for the public not to trust the "investigation results" made public by the government, adding the truth about "Cheonan" is bound to be exposed over time, and everyone has to be serious before the truth beyond political faction and ideal if one does not want to have one's head lowered in shame at the moment of judgment.

What is clear is that the Cheonan case was a hideous plot deliberately hatched by the pro-U.S. conservative regime to escalate confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

The present south Korean authorities calling for abolition of evil is keeping holding anti-DPRK confrontational farce as part of its anachronistic acts to use it for escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen. How can it be viewed as a proper stand toward dialogue.

After the creation of the phase for reconciliation and dialogue between the north and the south, dishonest confrontational act of faulting the DPRK have been observed one after another in south Korea.

What's more, far from making efforts to contribute to the atmosphere of national reconciliation and unity as unanimously demanded by the public at home and abroad, the south Korean authorities joined the chorus of the conservatives. This makes us skeptical about their true intention.

What is the true intention sought by them in pursuing confrontation while going in cahoots with the conservatives?

The south Korean authorities have to make this clear.

Continued abuse of the smear campaign for escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen, going against the trend of the times for national reconciliation and peace and prosperity can not but be viewed as a sinister intention to make the relations between the north and the south those of hostility and confrontation in which they can never get reconciled.

The double-dealing attitude will only hamper the smooth development of the north-south ties.

The south Korean authorities had better remember that it may find themselves in trouble should they continue such frivolous act at such a crucial moment as now. -0-

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