Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Kim Jong Un Guides Combat Flight Contest among Commanding Officers of KPA Air and Anti-Air Force

Pyongyang, June 5 (KCNA) -- Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un guided the combat flight contest among commanding officers of the Korean People's Army Air and Anti-Air Force-2017.

    The respected supreme leader came out to the airfield at 9 a.m.

    Kim Kwang Hyok, commander of the KPA Air and Anti-Air Force, in his opening speech said the contest was of significance in training all the flight commanding officers to be a-match-for-a-hundred fighters capable of destroying any targets including enemy aircraft carriers under the slogan "Forward after me!" when they receive an order and further encouraging all the army to be combat-ready for national reunification.

    He expressed belief that all the flight commanding officers and pilots would display the militant spirit and invincible might of the Kim Jong Un's air force through the contest held on the 80th anniversary of the victorious battle of Pochonbo, and declared the contest open.

    The respected supreme leader ordered the commanding officers and pilots to make sortie and went to the observation post to guide the contest.

    The contest took place divided into a group of division or brigade commanders, group of commanders of pursuit fighter, bomber and raider regiments, group of commanders of light transport plane, helicopter and education aircraft regiments and group of young graduates of pilot-training institution.

    The contest set takeoff, assault, zero-feet flight, wingover, intercept flight, free air-combat, landing, etc. as requisites for judgment. The ranking was decided according to points assessed with the help of various types of observation apparatuses.

    Light aircrafts flew in the clear sky, flying the flags of the Workers' Party of Korea and the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army and pursuit aircrafts made artistry flights.

    Kim Jong Un was very pleased to say that fighter pilots successfully performed diverse artistry flights, their flights were wonderful and they fully showed scientific flying and perfect aviation.

    Following Kim Kwang Hyok, division or brigade commanders took off to perfectly carry out target-hitting, zero-feet flight, wingover and landing.

    Regiment commanders and young pilots successfully carried out pair-takeoff, air attack, 30m-altitude flight, pair-wingover, free air combat flight, landing, etc.

    Watching the fierce and hot contest, the respected supreme leader said with great satisfaction that the contest was the best one among those held so far.

    Artistry flights crowned the contest.

    Expressing great satisfaction over the successful contest, the respected supreme leader gave important instructions to serve as a guideline for rounding off the combat preparation of the air force.

    He met the young fighter pilots who displayed the militant spirit and bravery of young generation in the contest and warmly encouraged them. Then he had a photo session with them.

    Service personnel of the KPA watched the contest. -0-


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