Friday, 2 June 2017

Echoes of Gunshots from Pochonbo! -republication of the 2007 poem by Dermot Hudson

The thundering crack of gunshots still does echo
over Korea,not only there but over the whole wide world
even though 70 long years have passed and flowed away
decades so long yet so short

Gunshots ringing out heralded the
new dawn of liberation,of a new Korea bright and free,
of the glorious Songun revolution.Ever victorious iron-willed
brilliant commander,heroic patriotic partisan
the illustrious General Kim Il Sung fired
the shot that tore Jap imperialism into
a million and one pieces

Oh worthy warrior of Mt Paekdu
leading the stouthearted partisans of
the mighty KPRA to shatter the chains
of Japanese imperialism,shockbrigade of
world fascism,to dispatch
the murderous Japs to their doom

The flames of revolution burned brightly
at Pochonbo that night consuming
the oppression of Japanese imperialism
The crack of gunshots and roar
of flames merge into a mighty
thunderous sound of the Songun revolution

The banner of Pochonbo is today
raised ever higher,the echoes of gunshots
at Pochonbo reverberating ever loudly
signalling the final victory of the
Songun revolution

Dermot Hudson June 2007 

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