Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Disinformation by "skytrax " about Air Koryo.


Just learnt that skytrax , an air travel site , have said that Air Koryo is the"worst in the world. "(obviously did not try Ryanair or BA for that matter ) This is nonsense ! In fact Air Koryo is one of the best airlines in the world in terms of service and efficiency . I have used Air Koryo 11 times, including a Berlin-Moscow-Pyongyang flight in 1992 and found it a pleasure to use. The Air Koryo cabin crews are smartly dressed and friendly. The food is good. Also delightful atmosphere with DPRK music and nowadays films
The article contained false statements such as saying that there were no safety checks on the airline. In fact the staff always check that seatbelts are fastened and that tables are folded. There is an inflight safety video just like other airlines
The skytrax article clearly has an ulterior political motive to smear and defame the DPRK's national airline

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