Sunday, 19 June 2016

Struggle to achieve genuine life

Struggle to achieve genuine life
Now people’s livelihood fall into extreme distress owing to unpopular policy of the south Korean conservative authorities.
With economic debacle and social inequality, people at the bottom of the social scale as well as the middle classes go to ruin and the south Korean youth and students offer resistance to the south Korean authorities’ anti-popular policy with suicide out of despair.
The south Korean Federation of Peasants Associations held a press conference outside the building of the "National Assembly" in Seoul on June 7 denouncing the south Korean authorities for their sycophantic and treacherous moves to import American rice. The organization declared that it would launch an all-out action against the rice import, adding that it would stage a strong protest by starting a large-scale meeting of farmers on June 25.
On June 7, the joint measure committee of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Korean Trade Unions composed of the affiliated unions held a press conference in Seoul to protest against the south Korean authorities’ policy of forced dismissal of the workers.
The speakers at the press conference said that departments of the government engineered unpopular labor plan through the councils without approval of the trade unions.
They warned that they would launch a large-scale general strike unless the authorities enforce misgovernment.
Six civic organizations and 30 000 residents of Gyeonggi Province sponsored a civic cultural rally to protest against the south Korean authorities’ revision bill on local finance.
The enraged south Korean people speak in unison: south Korea is a hellish land, now it is the era of people’s despair not the era of people’s happiness.

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