Wednesday, 22 June 2016

KCNA Commentary Demands Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from S. Korea

 Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- Immediate withdrawal of the U.S. imperialist aggression forces and various nuclear war hardware from south Korea presents itself as a more urgent issue at present.
    As already reported, the U.S. introduced latest nuclear attack submarine Mississippi into south Korea on June 13. Not content with this, it staged a nuclear bomb dropping drill in south Korea on June 17 with a formation of B-52H strategic bombers involved.
    After creating a touch-and-go situation on the Korean peninsula through the largest-ever anti-north nuclear war racket which lasted for more than 50 days from March last, the U.S. again kicked up war hysteria by hurling its major nuclear strike means into south Korea. This reveals its sinister scenario to mount a nuclear attack on the DPRK any moment.
    As proved by the situation, there can neither peace nor security on the Korean peninsula as long as the U.S. pursues a criminal hostile policy toward the DPRK and keeps its troops in south Korea, its vivid expression.
    The U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK and U.S. forces' presence in south Korea are aimed not only to bring down the ideology and social system in the DPRK but to dominate Asia and the rest of the world.
    As already blustered by Brzezinski, heavyweight of the U.S. conservative hardliners, the East Asian region including the Korean peninsula is one of the major war theaters set by the U.S. for its world supremacy.
    The Korean peninsula, in particular, is a strategic vantage to which the U.S. attaches the greatest importance to contain China and Russia after designating the two big powers as potential rivals.
    For this reason the U.S. is working with bloodshot eyes to carry out its Korea strategy by staging large-scale nuclear war exercises targeting it every year with three services of huge aggression troops present in south Korea involved.
    But for the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK, military tension and the danger of war would not have been created on the Korea peninsula and in the region.
    For the U.S. to roll back its hostile policy toward the DPRK and pull its forces out of south Korea is the top priority task for achieving peace and security.
    Nevertheless, the U.S. and other hostile forces are absurdly claiming that "the north's dismantlement of its nukes is the top priority task" for denuclearizing the peninsula and ensuring regional security.
    This is no more than sheer sophism intended to pass the buck for strained regional situation to the DPRK and cover up their ambition for domination.
    The nuclear force of the DPRK serves as a self-defensive means of justice for protecting the security of the country and the nation from the U.S. imperialists' outrageous moves for aggression.
    That is why the DPRK's nuclear force can never be a source of deteriorating the situation.
    The U.S. had better stop reeling off the above-said sheer sophism and pull back its aggression troops from south Korea before anything else. -0-

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