Sunday, 12 June 2016

Obstinate racket against north Korea

With the approach of the adoption of historic June 15 Joint Declaration, the Korean nationals in the north, south and abroad eagerly want fence-mending of inter-Korean relationship, looking back upon 16 years ago vibrant and enthusiastic with hope of national reunification.
The south Korean authorities, however, are very busy in escalating inter-Korean confrontation, quite contrary to north Korea’s sincere effort for better inter-Korean ties and demand of the nation.
The south Korean conservative authorities recently evoked the "Security Law" against the members of the South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration, terming their meeting with those from the north abroad an "illegal contact" and crying out for "crucial step." The authorities charged the members with their participation in the meeting of the chairmen of All-Korean Committee for Implementation of June 15 Joint Declaration for the discussion of the events to mark the 16th anniversary of the joint declaration and the 71st anniversary of Korea's liberation.
The conservative authorities' suppression of the above-said pro-reunification figures is an unpardonable fascist violence of confrontation maniacs to stand in the way of national reconciliation and unity and chill the ever-growing atmosphere of national reunification.
The south Korean authorities have aggravated the situation with reckless acts of military provocation to dampen the atmosphere of inter-Korean fence-mending.
On May 27, the south Korean warmongers committed such provocation as firing 40 mm artillery shots at a ferryboat of the Navy of the Korean People's Army on a routine duty in the hotspot in the West Sea.
The south Korean military authorities have made desperate attempts to train special agents and form a special unit in a bid to carry out "beheading operation" targeting north Korea’s supreme leadership. It has made frantic bid to introduce special transport plane for stealthy access to north Korean territory.
The south Korean authorities started the so-called combined submarine drill in collusion with the US and Japan in the South Sea of Korea from May 25.
The current situation shows that the south Korean authorities have made desperate bid to occupy north Korea on the strength of arms, turning down north Korea’s overture for inter-Korean fence-mending.
The south Korean authorities should be well aware that their fascist suppression of the reunification-oriented forces and reckless military maneuvers contrary to the trend of the times toward improved inter-Korean relations would result in towering public resentment.

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