Friday, 17 June 2016

National Reconciliation Council Spokesman Clarifies DPRK's Stand on Park Geun Hye's Confrontational Remarks

 Pyongyang, June 17 (KCNA) -- Park Geun Hye at the "inaugural ceremony" of the 20th-term puppet National Assembly of south Korea shortly ago spouted all sorts of confrontational remarks while again taking issue with the nuclear issue of the DPRK. Not content with this, she sent a video message peppered with invectives against the DPRK to the "Advisory Council for Democracy and Peaceful Unification".
    She blustered that "the north's nuclear development blocks the improvement of the south-north relations" and "it is the time when a struggle of will for carrying out the task of denuclearizing the north is under way" with the 16th anniversary of the June 15 joint declaration at hand.
    A spokesman for the National Reconciliation Council in a statement on June 17 said that this clearly reveals the dirty and pitiful colors of Park Geun Hye caught in a hysteric fit, being seized by inveterate hostility toward the fellow countrymen plus north's nuclear-phobia of which she can hardly get rid before death.
    As Park blatantly challenged the good faith and sincerity shown by the fellow countrymen with intolerable outbursts, the DPRK can not but clarify its stand to ill-boding remarks made by her, the statement noted, and went on:
    It is sheer sophism that the nuclear weapons for aggression south Korea introduced to its land from the U.S. do not throw any obstacle to the improvement of the north-south relations but the north's nuclear weapons for self-defence blocks the improvement of the relations.
    To look back on the past, the U.S. and its followers tried hard to push the situation to an extreme phase while loudly talking about "nuclear threat from the north" but the north-south relations successfully overcame the crisis and advanced along the orbit of the June 15 joint declaration and this played a positive role in pushing forward the process of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.
    The situation clearly proves that the north-south relations depend on the will to pave the way for reunification by dint of national reconciliation and unity and that they have nothing to do with the DPRK's access to nuclear weapons.
    As unanimously commented by the public at home and abroad, the main obstacle to the improvement of the north-south relations is the pro-U.S. conservative forces' hostile policy toward the DPRK and their moves for escalating the confrontation with the fellow countrymen.
    It is sheer distortion and fabrication of the essence of the nuclear stand-off between the DPRK and the U.S. to claim that the nukes of the DPRK threaten peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in Northeast Asia and the rest of the world.
    The U.S. put the world under a dense nuclear network and mercilessly brought down those countries disobedient to it with a nuclear stick. It is posing the biggest nuclear threat to the DPRK even at this moment.
    The Japanese reactionaries and other forces of the West have joined in its operation.
    The DPRK's access to nukes being described as a "threat" by the south Korean puppet regime was an inevitable choice made by the DPRK to defend its dignity and sovereignty, destiny and future from the high-handedness and aggression of the U.S.-led imperialist allied forces.
    In disregard of this hard fact, the puppet regime has gone so reckless as to term it a "threat." It seems to come to reason only when it bitterly experiences what a real threat is like.
    The regime is asserting that the international community is enforcing "harsh sanctions" against the DPRK by concerted efforts while talking about a "structure of confrontation between the international community and the north." This is no more than a string of nonsense that can be spouted only by idiots blinded by sycophancy towards big powers.
    The U.S. and its allies can never represent the international community and no matter how vociferously they may talk, being bereft of any principle and impartiality, can they never browbeat the DPRK.
    In fact, the U.S. seeks to win over even a single country to get it involved in the tug-of-war-like showdown with the DPRK as the former is well aware that it is difficult for it to cope with the might and influence of the DPRK single-handed.
    Nevertheless, the puppet regime talked about a "structure of confrontation between the international community and the north" only to acknowledge that the DPRK is a matchless super power.
    Park Geun Hye's claim that the dialogue proposal of the DPRK is a "bogus one for bringing about a turn in the phase" to get rid of sanctions and pressure is a vivid manifestation of her confrontational hysteric fit to defiantly shun the offer for mending the north-south relations, the desire of all Koreans.
    Park is dreaming a wild dream that sanctions and pressure much touted by her group would inflict what she called "pain" upon the DPRK but it will only offer the DPRK a good occasion of further bolstering its capability for self-development.
    Park's claim that it is necessary to put an end to "the evil cycle" of "provocation-dialogue-reward-repeated provocation" allegedly caused by the DPRK is no more than a gangster-like paradox to conceal her group's true colors as a group of provocateurs.
    Her claim cannot be construed otherwise than an "evil cycle" of provocations by the U.S. and the puppet regime-tough counter-action of the DPRK-surrender to it-reckless repeated provocations by them.
    In final analysis, it is proper to say that the cycle of the situation on the Korean peninsula is the cycle of confrontation between the U.S.-led hostile forces and the DPRK, which is "provocation-tough counter-action -surrender-repeated provocation."
    Nevertheless Park Geun Hye is talking about an end to the vicious cycle. It is little short of an open declaration that she won't opt for improving the relations with the DPRK while standing in confrontation with it to the last.
    If Park adamantly refuses to sit at the negotiating table with the DPRK at this time when her destiny is at stake, it has no idea of having dialogue with her group.
    She hurled mud at the DPRK over the "human rights issue." This is a shameless hypocrisy to cover up her unprecedented human rights abuses being denounced at home and abroad.
    The DPRK attaches importance to human beings and respects human rights. It is the land where the popular masses become a true master of the state and society and they enjoy all rights as human beings.
    It is no more than Park Geun Hye who behaves like a psychopath as she brings together as something like "treasures" the human scum who betrayed their country, uses all sorts of their lies as "golden saying" and insists their stench is "perfume".
    As a matter of fact, Park is the worst human rights abuser as she has neither face nor qualifications to talk about human rights.
    If Park Geun Hye keeps going reckless in her moves to prolong her remaining days through invectives against the DPRK and dastardly acts, failing to come to her senses, she will be buried amid curses and resentment of the nation as she is steeped in treachery to the marrow of her bones. -0

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