Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Alejandro Cao De Benos KFA President on Western false propaganda against the DPRK

There are countless. Ninety-five percent of the information is plainly invented. That if you don’t do this or that you will be jailed, that we have concentration camps, that we have public executions, that there is only one hairstyle, that we kill generals with mortars and anti-aircraft guns, that you cannot speak your mind or have an opinion, that you do not have rest or entertainment.
In general, I would like to say the biggest lie and mistake is that people live in fear and are forced to follow the North Korean regime and Juche ideology.
The DPRK is still going with its socialist system, even 25 years after the fall of communism and under the most terrible US sanctions, because its citizens believe in our Juche idea and the honesty of our leaders and the Worker’s Party of Korea
"It is propaganda. The capitalist, fake democratic countries are the first nations where human rights are violated. You may have no job, no house, no studies, no proper medical care, etc because you're as 'free' as the size your wallet.
"But if you do not have money or you're one of the many thousands of families in Spain without income, you can only live next to an ATM machine and ask the Red Cross for some food to survive. Wait... you always have the rubbish containers! Look around the supermarkets on an evening and you'll see another - non touristy - side of Spain
Don’t believe people when they say ‘Spain smells of garlic’, ‘British people never take a shower’ or ‘Germans are all rich’. Try to see for yourself and talk with the citizens. It’s the best way to see and understand this worl

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