Sunday, 19 June 2016

Statement of Alejandro Cao De Benos to the Media


First of all and as I did on Twitter, thanks for all the support received from the mayor of my village, the government of the Republic, comrades from PCPE, the PC-AP in Chile and the Mapuche people, members of the KFA, lawyers and so many friends around the world. I have received thousands of messages, even from people who I don't know, who have volunteered to help in anything I needed. I'm perfectly and no pressure will change my ideology and activities with Korea. Since Friday, starting with A3 Public Mirror, I started to clarify things  with the lies and manipulations of the media:
- I have nothing to do with any contraband or weapons traffic . I'll sue the newspapers and media which have linked me with that plot.
- I don't know any of the people in that group.
- I haven't handled any weapons and machines, drills, etc. that appear on the TV have nothing to do with the record in my home.
-People around me haven't been arrested: Family, friends, etc.
- As I stated in Public Mirror, they have distorted information mixing images with labels saying they were mine.
- My detention is for unlawful possession of weapons, (detonators or blanks), which I bought online that do not meet safety requirements.
- I didn't declare for indication of my Lawyer, but I decided to speak publicly tired of so much manipulation and lies.
- I've had a gun license (riffle and pistol) and I have practiced target shooting in Spain for two decades. Passing all tests regularly during that time until recently, the Director General of the Civil Guard forced me to place them in the headquarters of Tarragona for a manipulated comment in A3 Media.
I repeat: I have no criminal record, previous problem or complaint. They withdrew my sporting weapons exclusively by a comment in A3. These cases are ongoing in the respective High Courts.
- The treatment of the Civil Guard who came to my house and made the record, since other agents Commander was always polite and respectful. Not so the conditions of the van and one of the agents who transferred me to court. The van (I think tuition PGC-1212-P), was full of dirt, blood, feces and all kinds of secretions. I asked the agent why thet don't clean it and he said 'Don't complain, here you can even eat soup'. Then he replied 'There is no money to change the van,' and I said 'humility does not justify the lack of cleanliness'.
I take this opportunity to apply for equal pay for officers of the Civil Guard, more resources so that they can have decent uniforms (not deficient ones that are manufactured in Pontevedra), maintenance of facilities and equipment that falls to pieces, and that agents may have in general, a life with their families, because they also pay mortgage and are entitled to vacation. The truth is that most agents have shown me being professionals who take their chances, with few means to maintain some order in a society with many problems. (I say this based on my experience Commander down. Upwards I do not know if bear the same situation. The Colonel, he simply asked by phone if during registration I was calm).
I have the full support of the Government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Committee for Cultural Relations with whom work more than 25 years ago and the Embassy of the DPRK in Spain. This situation won't affect at all my honorary functions.
- Many people and media ask me if I think there is a political persecution or orchestrated operation to silence me and destroy my public image, my answer is 'better to draw your own conclusions'.
But I will say that since 2 years ago, my friends in security forces have warned me state up to 3 times: 'Alejandro, there's someone high up who is looking to cause you trouble'.
A big hug to all and! Have a good weekend!

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