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Review of Songun Internationale Vols 1 and 2 and Kim Jong Un love the people policies-by Dermot Hudson


M Janganhir Khan , the chairman of the Bangladesh Songun Politics Study Group andf founder and leader of the Global Songun Study Centre and International Committee for the Study of Songun Poltics has written a series of books "Songun Internationale  1 "(published 2011), "Songun Internationale 2 "(published 2014)  and " KIM JONG UN and his love for the people policies(published 2015)
   Comrade Khan has a long standing record of work for supporting People's Korea , the Juche Idea and the Songun idea in Bangladesh and indeed internationally. Comrade Khan formed the Barisal Juche Irrigation Peasants Union in 1975, the Barisal study group for Kim Il Sung's works in 1980 and the Committee For Supporting Korea's reunification . As the trend to study Songun politics spread comrade Khan formed the Bangladesh Group for the Study of Songun Policy. This was one of many Songun politics study groups that were formed in the world. In the UK we had already formed the Association for the Study of Songun Politics on the 13th of August 2003.The Bangladesh Songun Politics Study Group has over 5,000 members . A Global Songun Study Centre and International Committee was also established . Comrade Khan also the publisher of the "Daily Folk" , which devotes a third of its space to the Juche Idea and Songun idea.

   The title "Songun Internationale " comes from comrade Khan's declaration  "Commune fighters Get up and listen to the song , the song of Songun encouraging global independence ,our Songun internationale would shake the earth more forcefully as a march of accomplishment of global independence in the future as today ". The " Internationale " was composed by a woodworker from Lillie about the Paris Commune and is a song inspiring communist and socialists throughout the world . Now the Songun idea is gripping the hearts and minds of communists,socialists and revolutionaries everywhere . Comrade Khan in "Songun Internationale 2 " says the HQ of the international communist movement is effectively Pyongyang . Thus we should sing the new Songun Internationale "!


   In "Songun Internationale 1 "which was published to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG , comrade Khan outlines the achievements and revolutionary activities  of the great leaders President KIM IL SUNG and chairman KIM JONG I as well as elaborated the basic principles of Songun. The Songun-based revolutionary idea arose because President KIM IL SUNG , a perceptive and intuitive thinker, saw the failure of the bourgeois nationalist movement in Korea who tried to obtain by peaceful means, President KIM IL SUNG acutely realised that independence could only be achieved by force of arms. Comrade Khan outlines how the DPRK by dint of Songun politics defeated the US attempts to stifle her using the nuclear issue. The book concludes with a summary of the expanding influence of Songun politics in the world such as the formation of many groups for the Study of Songun politics.
 Songun Internationale 2 published in 2014 contains a wealth of material and goes into depth and detail about Songun politics . Comrade Khan gives valuablel insights into what really happened what the USSR and other socialist countries collapsed or to put it a better way socialism in these countries was frustrated. Comrade Khan explains how the ideological and political weakening of the Soviet armed forces began with the revisionist Khruschov and rendered them completely useless.  As comrade Khan explains " The ideological degeneration began from the time of the rule of Khruchev.

He slighted the political and ideological education of the soldiers and paralyzed their anti-imperialist class consciousness while asserting the “peaceful co-existence” with the imperialists, “peaceful transition” and “peaceful competition”. He said an end had to be put to all the practices “restricting the freedom” of the armymen in the Red Army and they must be given freedom as they enjoyed in the civil society hindering the ideological work of the party and communist league organizations in the army in every way.

The process of the ideological disorganization further came to the fore during Gorbachev’s tenure of office
Comrade Khan also cites the case of Chile were the democratically elected Leftist President Salvador Allende was overthrown by a pro US fascist military coup . This was because as comrade Khan write "Meanwhile, Allende gave himself up entirely on social and economic reforms alone asserting the “peaceful transition strategy” and failed to attend to the job of seizing the military and police. He was satisfied at the best with having ties with some units in the army "
This is indeed very true. Comrade Allende paid a high price for ignoring such basic things.
 Interestingly comrade Khan draws our attention to the fact that the MOSSAD are actively involved in  operations against the DPRK, something that I have long suspected but this is the first time I have seen confirmation of it. Where I would disagree with the book is the description of the "Arduous March " period because when we visited the DPRK in 1996 we saw no sign of starvation at all. However this a minor divergence of opinion . Overall "Songun Internationale 2 "  is an excellent book giving a very comprehensive and detailed overview of  Songun politics. Both "Songun Internationale 1" and " Songun Internationale 2 "
serve as excellent primers for the Songun Idea and Songun politics. 

      "KIM JONG UN and his love the people politics " is the third book in this series and makes an excellent complement to  "Songun Internationale  1 and 2". The book has a wonderful picture of Changjon street on the front cover which  I feel is symbolic of both the love the people politics of respected chairman
KIM JONG UN and the KIM JONG UN era . In the book comrade Khan details the popular policies been pursued by the DPRK such as free-education , free health care and even free housing . Free housing is capitalist countries is something out of the question for the popular masses . In London a flat can cost up to £1million ! . 
     Comrade Khan details many of the construction projects that have been completed in the KIM JONG UN era such as the Mirim Riding Club. In capitalist countries it is out of the question for ordinary working people to go horse-riding but in People's Korea ordinary workers can go to Mirim Riding Club.
   The DPRK is a true people's welfare state . Comrade Khan exposes the fake welfare policies of the capitalist world. In the UK the bourgeois ruling class proclaimed a "welfare state" but in reality this meant paltry and inadequate means tested dole payments . High taxes and insurance contributions were imposed to fund these meagre payments. In reality workers paid in more than they got back(this is a fact that has been proved) so the so-called "welfare state " in capitalist countries is a fraud and a means of exploitation. Peoples Korea guided by Juche abolished taxation in 1974 and housing is given to people free of charge.
 All in all Comrade Khan has done an excellent job in writing these books. I take my hat off to him !

Dr Dermot Hudson

President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK

Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England

Official Delegate KFA UK

Member and advisor International Committee For the Study of Songun Politics.

"Songun Internationale 1 and 2 "  and "KIM JONG UNand his love the people politics" are all available from the Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK email

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