Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Kenneth Bae ungrateful pathological liar and enemy of the people-special article by ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA


Recently a big fanfare has about a book released by one Kenneth Bae, or to use
his Korean name Pae Jun Ho called "Never Forgotten". This is a vicious anti- DPRK propaganda tract full of lies. It is part and parcel of the international campaign of lies and smears by waged by the US imperialists and the south Korean puppets . It is likely that the book has in all probability been ghost-written by the CIA or south Korean National Intelligence Service .
    Bae is capitalist businessman and a Christian fundamentalist . He had set up
a tour company " Nation's Tours". This  looked like a mysterious and shadowy outfit operating out of China. It disappeared without trace when Bae was arrested in the DPRK. Was this company  it really a front for something else ?.
 Bae was arrested in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in November 2012  for serious offences which could have meant the death penalty as he acted as a spy for US imperialism and a counter-revolutionary who tried to overthrow the socialist system of the DPRK . According to KCNA Bae" admitted that he committed crimes aimed to topple the DPRK with hostility toward it. His crimes were proved by evidence."
    During his trial Bae was allowed to have a defence lawyer who argued for leniency .
It is correct and just  for a socialist state to take measures to protect itself from hostile class enemies,like Kenneth Bae , who seek to restore capitalism which would bring great misery to people. The supreme court that sentenced Bae is the highest organ of people's justice in the DPRK. It's president , judges and people's assessors are all elected by the Supreme People's Assembly (article 116 of the DPRK Socialist Constitution ) and is accountable to the Supreme Peoples Assembly of the DPRK (article 168) . Such accountability is unheard of the capitalist countries. In many capitalist countries judges come from a narrow and exclusive section of the ruling class.
    The actual sentence of 15 years was quite lenient. Compare this to the 41 years that long term unconverted prisoner Ri In Mo was held in south Korea or
the 27 years that Nelson Mandela spent in a South African prison or the 34 years that US political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal has been sitting on death row.
   Bae did not serve his full term of penal servitude but was released in the autumn of 2014  after serving only  6 months . Bae had only held in the DPRK for 2 years . Moreover Bae was well treated during the term of his detention in the DPRK . He gave a press conference in January 2014 at which he said
" But some media are spreading misinformation about me and launching smear campaign against the DPRK, driving me into a difficult situation.
    For example, the U.S. vice-president, at a press conference over the release of another U.S. citizen, Mr. Newman, in December last year, claimed that I have been detained here for no reason.
    Some time ago even my sister reportedly told reporters that I am not guilty. I think such facts enraged people here.
    This is why I am in a puzzle.
    Over the past five months I have been hospitalized, but now I am afraid I may be sent back to the labor camp. Worse still, I am afraid the pardon for me becomes more difficult.
    To cite another example, I was told that some media reports alleged that the DPRK is a "human rights violator", its human rights records are not good and that I have been treated unfairly.
    What I would like to clarify here now is that there has been no human rights abuse and no unfair, severe act for me.
    The DPRK government has done every possible thing for me from the humanitarian point of view. It allowed me to contact with the Swedish embassy and have correspondence and calls with my family. It also gave me an opportunity to meet my mother here and offered me a medical service at the hospital when my disease got worse.
    I, availing myself of this opportunity, call on the U.S. government, media and my family to stop link any smear campaign against the DPRK and false materials with me".

   In the UK and other capitalist countries it would have been impossible for a prisoner to hold a press conference.Bae received medical treatment ,he was able to correspond with relatives and even meet his mother. During his detention he put on weight, he did not look like an overworked starvation victim.There are stories of old age pensioners starving to death in UK hospitals so Bae , a criminal , received better treatment than they did . In the UK many poor people are forced to rely on "Foodbanks" to get food.In the US, UK and south Korea you can see homeless people begging for money to buy food but Bae ,a criminal and counter-revolutionary  was given food free of charge by People's Korea , a country that he had worked to destroy.
    Bae is clearly a hypocrite as wells  a pathological liar who told the DPRK that he would tell the truth about but has now shown his true face and is spearheading a most malignant and insidious anti-DPRK campaign.As the Korean Central News Agency said " But upon returning to the U.S., he made a U turn, going busy hatching plots with the group of Satan falsifying facts. He is none other than Judas.
    Bae Jun Ho has no option but to commit suicide.
Progressive people and friends of People's Korea must expose the lies of Kenneth Bae and smash the anti-DPRK, anti-socialist , anti-Juche campaign of the US
imperialists and south Korean puppets.

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