Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Participants in Joint Conference of DPRK Government, Political Parties and Organizations Send Letter to UN Secretariat

Pyongyang, June 15 (KCNA) -- The DPRK Foreign Ministry on June 13 conveyed a letter adopted at the joint conference of the Government, Political Parties and Organizations of the DPRK held on June 9 to the UN Secretariat.
    The letter said:
    The will of the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK government is rock firm and the struggle already began to resolutely wide open a new path of addressing the inter-Korean relations and the issue of reunification, upholding the line and policies for national reunification which were advanced by
Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    The question is what attitude and position will be taken by the UN, which is deeply involved in the division of Korea and the reunification issue, and therefore should play an important role.
    In fact, the UN assumes a historical, legal and moral responsibility for the reunification issue of Korea, from which it cannot turn away.
    Indelible are all its crimes that brought misfortunes and sacrifice to the innocent Korean people by its unjust meddling in the issue of Korea, freezing inter-Korean division as well as sending multinational forces in abuse of the UN name to the war of aggression ignited by the United States in the 1950s of the last century.
    If it remains true to the mandate and duty of safeguarding peace and security of the humanity and orienting toward global independence and justice, the UN should, though belatedly, duly compensate for the damage it caused by sincerely helping the Korean people achieve national reunification independently and peacefully.
    However, the UN is badly treating the DPRK, a legitimate sovereign state and a member state of the UN backed by the U.S. that seeks the permanent division of the Korean peninsula, not its reunification.
    The UN should not put pressure on the DPRK and other small countries with its double standards and rules centered on one single country and create countless obstacles to their independent aspiration and development but should screen the essence of the issues from a fair and objective angle and make due contribution to addressing issues.
    When it comes to the issue of the reunification of Korea, the UN should neither connive at nor side with the U.S. which has pursued permanent division, meddling in the reunification issue of our country, but it should consistently adhere to the principle of respect for sovereignty and self-determination of our nation.
    The genuine process for peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula can kick off only when the United States' hostile policy towards the DPRK is rolled back and the former unconditionally ceases extremely dangerous military provocations by the U.S. aggression troops who are occupying the southern part of Korea under the abused name of the United Nations.
    The UN should have a fair handed look at and actively support the DPRK's will and desire for establishing a lasting peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula and creating favorable environment and climate for the reunification of Korea.
    If the UN is sincerely interested in peace and security on the Korean peninsula and in the region, it should exercise its influence upon the U.S. so that it may give up its unjust aggressive ambition and hostile policy against the DPRK.
    The UN will be disgracefully dubbed as a feeble international organization which is played by the dishonest and dirty trick if it is not able to correctly see the unjust and dangerous theory of unilateral "reunification under one regime" which has been obstinately pursued by the south Korean authorities ignoring the current realities on the Korean peninsula where different ideologies and systems have existed for decades.
    And especially if the UN Secretary General and other senior officials move to the tune of the U.S. who is used to acts of arbitrariness and high-handedness, while expressing their willingness to mediate the issues for the improvement of inter-Korean relations and reunification, the UN will be branded an organization void of justice and fairness and its senior officials as figureheads lacking own vision and power.
    Now is critical in deciding the destiny and future of our nation and we remain rock firm in our will to make significant progress in inter-Korean relations and fling the door of independent reunification open.
    The UN should pay due attention to the aspiration of the Korean nation and the trend of times, and put into practice what it has to do as an organization mandated with ensuring international peace.
    We hope that leading figures of the UN Secretariat including the Secretary-General would be recorded in the history of the United Nations for their positive contribution to easing tension on the Korean peninsula and the settlement of reunification issue which still remain the greatest concern for the world. -0-

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