Friday, 24 June 2016

Reply to a Labour Party Member of Parliament

 Recently I wrote to the FCO, Jeremy Corbyn and my local MP(Labour party) about the sanctions imposed on the DPRK by the UK and EU .  Neither the FCO nor Corbyn have replied. My local MP replied ignoring the point about the sanctions and instead wrote the following

The DPRK is, in my view, a brutal authoritarian regime defined by isolation, repression, famine and a race-based military ideology. The sooner the regime(collaspes)  the better.

Here is my reply to him

I am replying because I feel your assertions should not be allowed to go unchallenged.

Firstly you say "defined by isolation " . Is it not the US , EU and the UK who are the ones creating 'isolation' by virtue of imposing massive sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for no good reason. Sanctions which you appear to support by your silence on the issue and your condemnation of the DPRK.  Of course sometimes isolation may be the price of being right , the price of standing up for one's self and what is right. The DPRK pursues a policy of independence and is actually acknowledged as such as the most independent . Even former Tory Premier John Major said that the DPRK has "undiluted sovereignty " , Surely this is an achievement , something to be proud of and indeed something to be emulated .
   Secondly, you refer to "famine ". I have actually visited the DPRK 11 times since 1992  and I have never seen anyone starving or begging in the DPRK but on the streets of London I can see many people begging and homeless. A few weeks ago I walked through Woolwich at night and saw several homeless people in shop doorways . I draw your attention to
my accounts of some of my recent visits

As to a "race based " ideology, I do not know what you mean by that. I have studied the Juche Idea for 30 years and it is certainly not a race based ideology rather it is a progressive ideology aimed at achieving man's independence from all forms of subordination . The Juche Idea is profoundly anti-fascist. President Kim Il Sung himself fought Japanese imperialism which was an ally of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy , thus the DPRK was born as a result of the struggle against fascism.
  The "miltary ideology " you refer to is the Songun (army -first ) policy . It is very nessecary to give priority to the armed forces in the face of the constant threat of US aggression . Iraq, Libya and Yugoslavia show what happens when anti-imperialist regimes weaken their resolve and let their guard down..

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