Thursday, 9 June 2016

Letter on south Korea and the DPRK that the so-called "socialist " daily the Morning Star " refused to publish

Dear comrades

leafing through the  Saturday and Sunday print edition of the "Morning Star " (28th to 29th of May ) I was disappointed not to say disturbed to see south Korean puppet propaganda being copied and pasted into the "Star "  in the form of the item "Park seeks African help against north ". By the way this is not the first time that the "Star " has not referred to the DPRK by its correct and proper state title.
  The  south Korean puppet chief executive's call for so-called "co-operation " against the DPRK backed by a few bribes and sweeteners , is nothing short of treachery against the interests of the entire Korean  nation and people. Park has been trundling about the world begging this and that country for "co-operation " against the DPRK rather opting for co-operation with the DPRK itself to build a prosperous and reunified Korea . Park has dragged all kinds of foreign forces into south Korea  not just the obvious ones such the US and Japan but also Russia, China , the EU , UK and Germany . This only deepens the dependent and neo-colonial nature of south Korea.
  The "Morning Star " prides itself on anti-fascism and indeed has taken a most worthy and courageous stance on the Ukraine . Regrettably this does not extend to exposing other fascist regimes in the world such as south Korea. "Morning Star " readers need to be aware this Park's father the murderous military dictator Park Chung Hee slaughtered at 100,000 people after the May 16th military coup in south Korea  and later murdered south Korean communist leaders Kim Jong Tae and Choi Young Do. South Korea was very much a pilot project and role model for later third world fascist regimes such the military dictatorship in Brasil and Pinochet's Chile . Let's not see any more excuses or apologetics for south Korean fascism in the "Star " but lets call a spade a spade and a puppet a puppet !

yours etc
(Dr) Dermot Hudson

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