Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Unfinished Action

The actions of south Korean people of every degree against the south Korean authorities' move to introduce "government-censored history textbook" embellishing pro-Japanese acts and dictatorship are intensive after the Ministry of Education announced its decision of the “government-censored history textbook" on Nov. 3.
The 4th pan-national rally was held in Seoul on Nov. 7 with the participation of 1 000 people with an organization composed of 466 civic bodies.
Young pupils refuse to learn from "government-censored textbook"
The speakers, in the rally, they strongly urged the government to stop demagoguery, false advertisement and its moves to introduce "government-censored history textbook".
They appealed to the broad segments of people to take active participation in the actions against the authorities’ move to introduce "government-censored history textbook".
At the same day, pupils of secondary and high school noted that the current regime is going to implant history embellishing dictatorship into the pupils, carrying placard written “The Park Geun-hye regime should withdraw its move to introduce "government-censored history textbook”.
They staged a street march, while chanting slogans “Withdraw the announcement of ” and “We want to learn true history”.
Professors take the tonsure against revision of history textbook
The south Korean authorities, frightened by public actions against the "government-censored history textbook", announced it in advance, however, it only turned out to be counter-productive.
The south Korean people’s unremitting action will continue.

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