Thursday, 5 November 2015

Puppets out of Pompey !

As someone with Portsmouth connections (my mother and maternal grandmothers city ) I am appalled and horrified by the fact that the south Korean fascist puppet navy has visited the city and 2 sk puppet warships have docked in Portsmouth. The puppets have been feted by the local establishment and big wigs . We only got to know about this after the warships arrived otherwise there would have been a UK KFA picket ! . The visit comes at a time when the south Korean navy together with their US overlords are staging war exercises against the DPRK and the south Korean puppet authorities are busy jailing south Korean trade unionists , progressives and patriots . The sk puppet navy visit to Portsmouth is apparently put of a wider scheme to promote 'co operation in defence ' between sk and the UK and it looks like the UK government is giving aid to the sk puppet military ! So the Cameron government is helping to prop up the south Korean puppets according to the wishes of its Yankee masters

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