Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Pro-Japanese Acts of Treachery

November 17 is the day of humiliation for the Korean nation.
110 years ago, Japan surrounded the palace of Feudal Chosun with its heavily armed troops and forced Korea to ink the Ulsa Five-Point Treaty in violation of the norms of international law.
Since then, Korea had been deprived of its national sovereignty with the result that the Korean nation had been subjected to the bitter fate of being a ruined nation.
Japan had enforced colonial fascist rule for nearly four decades to impose upon Koreans immeasurable sufferings and spiritual and material damage.
Nevertheless, Japan, refusing to redeem their past crimes, has made frantic bid to distort history beautifying their unhappy past.
South Korean students' picket against Abe's junket to Seoul in front of the Cheongwadae
South Korean students' picket against Abe's junket to Seoul in front of the Cheongwadae
The south Korean authorities has tuned a deaf ear to unhappy past crimes, in contrary, it is engrossing in treacherous acts against the same brethren in league with Japan, driving the south Korean people into fury.
On Nov. 2, the south Korean chief executive invited Japanese prime minister Abe to Seoul to work bloodshot eye to bolster military alliance with south Korea, the US and Japan.
The Solidarity for Peace and Reunification and members under the Peoples Action against War and for Peace held a press conference on Nov. 2 at which they accused Japanese prime minster Abe of pushing forward the the "Self-Defense Forces" advance into the peninsula without making any apology for the past crimes.
Abe, go back to your country!
70 civic organizations including the Solidarity for Progress held a press conference at Gwanghwamun square at which they said that they are disappointed at the governments attitude to hold talks with Japan debating its rearmament of militarism and reinvasion of the peninsula.
They strongly protested against south Korea-Japan talks, giving a performance satirizing the south Korean governments pro-Japanese acts of treachery and Tokyos impudent stance.

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