Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Report of KFA International Meeting Madrid 7th of November 2015

 The Korean Friendship Association held its annual International Meeting  on 7th of November  at the DPRK Embassy Madrid, Spain with a massive attendance . The meeting celebrated the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean Friendship Association and the 70th annviersary of the foundation of the Workers Party of Korea . The meeting was presided over by KFA President Alejandro Cao De Benos. The DPRK Ambassador to Spain  comrade Kim Hyok Chol was in attendance and spoke at the meeting.
  The meeting was attended by KFA members and delegates from Spain, Ireland, UK, Belgium, US , France and other countries

 Great speeches from Alejandro Cao Be Benos and from Ambassador comradeKim Hyok Chol  plus wonderful messages from the DPRK Cultural Relations Committee , Anti Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea and KFA sections in Bangladesh, Brazil, Singapore , Switzerland and the US.  A number of KFA delegates spoke at the meeting including Dermot Hudson , KFA delegate to the UK and receipent of KFA Medal 1st Class.

In his speech comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos said  "The Worker’s Party of Korea, created by our Great Leader President Kim Il Sung, has been victorious during all its history, by organizing
and creating a new Korean nation that raised from the chains of oppression and imperialist occupation"


Comrade Alejandro also announced that the film the "The Propaganda Game" about the DPRK will be released in Spanish Cinemas soon .
A lot to  report(a more detailed report will be issued to individual KFA members) but will for the time being just give a few impressions of the meeting. It was certainly the best ever KFA International Meeting KFA President comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos made a profound point when he said that KFA is like a family, one big family. The fact that the KFA International Meeting was held was itself a great victory as the KFA started from humble beginnings to become a gigantic worldwide organistion which is the sword and shield of the DPRK in the capitalist world. During the past year the KFA has defended the DPRK against the smears and lies over the so called "human rights issue".

After the meeting a cocktail party in the grounds of the DPRK Embassy was held. 

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