Thursday, 19 November 2015

KCNA Commentary Blasts U.S. and Hostile Forces' Slander on KCNA Website

   Pyongyang, November 19 (KCNA) -- Forces hostile toward the DPRK including the U.S. shortly ago let loose a litany of outbursts slandering the website of the Korean Central News Agency.
    They say the KCNA's website spread vicious code by way of letting subscribers download false executable software so as to hack their computers.
    Ridiculous is the clumsy farce of swindlers to paint a prestigious media organization of the DPRK as a hacking group.
    The story about "hacking" spread by the U.S. and its followers is sophism that does not stand to reason in view of media activities and lacks any convincing proof.
    Media activities are social activities that use such media as internet, a product of modern science and technology, along with newspapers, magazines and broadcasting services.
    If such valuable means indispensable for media activities lose confidence of the people, those activities will prove useless.
    How can we use the websites we opened to disseminate the true picture of the DPRK prospering by dint of Songun politics and to contribute to accelerating the independence of the world for such mean purposes?
    This may be possible in the U.S. ill-famed for immorality and depravity where misinformation is spread for a windfall and which wiretaps even allies for world domination. But such a thing is unimaginable at the dignified media organizations under socialism.
    As for the software which the hostile forces took issue with, they are executable software needed for subscribers to have access to animation files. It is, therefore, normal.
    What is questionable is that only the U.S. and south Korea are speaking ill of the software which is widely used by many people of the world.
    Those who spread the story about "hacking" are Radio Free Asia and other pseudo media.
    Their manipulators are their authorities who are displeased with the stirring reality of the DPRK being known to the world and afraid of their criminal nature being brought to light.
    In the final analysis, the recent "hacking" story cannot be construed otherwise than a premeditated plot of the hostile forces to stir up repugnancy towards the websites of the DPRK in the world community and bar the just voices of Songun Korea from being heard.
    The U.S., chieftain of world cyber warfare, adopted it as its official policy to mount a preemptive attack without an advance warning on computer networks of other countries through the "presidential policy directive 20" in October 2012. Recently it held what it called an annual security consultative meeting with the south Korean authorities at which it cried out for intensifying joint cyber exercises and cyber military education targeting the DPRK. It is the height of impudence for it to talk about "hacking" by someone.
    The U.S. is sadly mistaken if it thinks it can isolate the DPRK from the world and justify its criminal acts with such false story about "hacking".
    Absurd and foolish rubbish will only touch off world derision and criticism of the tricksters.
    The U.S. and its followers have to clearly understand that with nothing can they quell the just voices of great Songun Korea. -0

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