Tuesday, 24 November 2015

South Korea with signs of ruin

In south Korea where the law of jungle governs, delinquency has been rapidly increased, arousing social chaos and fear.
The south Korean police announced that more than 10 000 teenagers have committed violent crimes such as homicide and sexual assault for the past 4 years.
According to the report submitted to the national assembly of south Korea, from 2011 to 2014 nearly 13 000 teenagers were arrested for violating such as homicide, burglary, rape and arson.
Of them, 9 569 people committed sexual crimes and it accounted for 70% of all. The number of burglars and arsonists are 3 131 and 1 029 respectively .
The crimes of violence by the youth have increased 50 per cent in the past 2 years.
Last year, the number of teenagers who committed the 4 major crimes of violence is over 3 400.
 In 2008 the number of rapists were 464 and it has quadrupled to 2 029 last year.
In the same period, the homicide has increased by 21 percentage.
The rate of second offenders has been increasing.
Last year, among 94 000 juvenile criminals, the second offenders are 33 000.
The number of juvenile criminals in the first half of this year amounts up to 1 535.
In south Korean society, the people are ready to make the sacrifice of the others for the sake of their own without hesitation. Due to the corrupt society, the crimes of violence committed by the youth are reported in an unbroken chain.
Arousing the denouncement and condemnation from the people, the ruling Saenuri Party of south Korea is very notorious for the frequent sexual assaults, abuses of power and grafts.
The ruling circles are ringleaders of the crimes and comparing with them, the juvenile crime is a drop in a bucket.

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