Monday, 9 November 2015

KCNA Commentary Accuses Japan of Serious Sexual Abuses against Children

Pyongyang, November 9 (KCNA) -- As sexual abuses against children are rampant in Japan, a UN Human Rights special rapporteur made a field survey of them recently.
    After an eight-day survey, she disclosed that sexual abusers are neither investigated nor brought to justice in Japan unless victims file suits against them and though criminals stand trial they are only given a suspended sentence or punished with a light fine.
    Asserting that criminal acts are unabated due to such light punishment laws allowing sexual abuses against children socially and institutionally, she urged the Japanese authorities to further tighten the laws.
    This is living evidence proving the poor human rights performance in Japan.
    Cases of heinous acts such as rape and flesh traffic against children have occurred in an unbroken chain and such criminal acts are openly perpetrated through internet.
    A few years ago, a policeman in Osaka City raped a teenager girl in broad daylight, sparking off a public uproar.
    Even GIs in Japan are unhesitatingly assaulting women and little girls in streets.
    The Japan Police Agency noted in July last year that cases of rape against children numbered 1 828 last year or almost double the number in 2009.
    Rampant sexual abuses against children in Japan are attributable to the corrupt mentality and morality of its authorities and their unpopular politics.
    Styling themselves statesmen, they are desperately holding in check the solution of such an elementary human rights issue.
    They have openly shielded the sexual slavery committed by the Imperial Japanese Army in the past, though it is bitterly censured by the international community.
    They are turning a deaf ear to the voices of people demanding a legal ban on the spread of awful videos encouraging sexual abuses on internet but further stirring up mammonism and jungle law so that criminals may perpetrate sexual abuses and flesh traffic against even naive children.
    Even policemen pay no attention to sexual abuses against children.
    As seen above, Japan is the worst human rights abuser which has completely disregarded the issue of protection of children, a matter pending the most urgent solution in the field of human rights.
    Great irony is that Japan is impudently taking issue with the DPRK over its human rights performance.
    It is seeking to put pressure upon the DPRK and get a chance of reinvasion under the pretext of "human rights."
    No country will believe its claim as it has neither face nor qualifications to talk about human rights.
    The Japanese authorities would be well advised to stop taking issue with someone's "human rights" issue but properly protect their children. -0-

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