Tuesday, 24 November 2015

KCNA Commentary Slams U.S. Human Rights Row against DPRK

   Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, the U.S. held an international meeting in south Korea to deal with the so-called "human rights issue" of the DPRK.
    At the meeting the "special envoy" of the U.S. Department of State cried out for "keeping sustained pressure upon north Korea in the future, too," jabbering that to improve the human rights performance in north Korea is a long-term and hard struggle but the U.S. and its allies should not give it up.
    Other riff-raffs asserted that the DPRK's "human rights issue" should be universally called into question.
    These outbursts are nothing but ridiculous outpourings let loose by those betes noires to bring down the social system of the DPRK out of their outdated inveterate repugnancy and hostility towards it.
    The U.S. "human rights" row is a product of its hostile policy towards the DPRK. It is nothing but a last-ditch effort of a drowning guy catching at a straw as it finds it hard to hurt Pyongyang through a nuclear racket.
    That is proved by the fact that the U.S. tricksters including Obama uttered that the "human rights row" is more effective for bringing down north Korea than a military method, claiming the "settlement of the human rights issue" hinges on the spread of more information.
    Each "human rights" row the U.S. kicks off faces the strong opposition and criticism from the world community as it is an open provocation to the sovereign states courting its displeasure.
    The U.S. is now hit hard from all sides in the international arena due to its domestic and foreign policies against human rights.
    The DPRK remains unperturbed no matter when and where the U.S. and its allies stage a "human rights" farce against the former.
    It has the Korean-style socialist system centered on the popular masses and the Korean-style human rights standard of prioritizing the wishes and interests of the working people that the U.S. and other capitalist countries can neither have nor imitate.
    The U.S. is at a loss what to do with tens of millions of poor people and more than hundreds of thousands of homeless people and over a hundred thousand victims of shooting sprees a year. For Washington to find fault with someone's "human rights" performance is like flies over a dumping ground scoffing at bees and butterflies of a garden.
    The DPRK will resolutely counter any U.S. move to bring down it and further consolidate its socialist system centered on the popular masses. -0-

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