Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Revision of History Textbooks helping Ruling Crisis

Revision of History Textbooks helping Ruling Crisis
As soon as the south Korean authorities publicized the governmentcensored textbook system on October 12, it is arousing fierce protests of the south Korean people.
The purpose of the revision of the history textbook is to embellish the past dictatorships such as the yushin dictatorship. The south Korean people have insight into the evil-minded moves of authorities and the ruling Saenuri Party.
Until now, the various circles of people including the opposition parties, a lot of civic and religious organizations, the history professors, progressive pressmen, students and even the young pupils have taken part in the struggle against the revision of the textbook and the forms of it are diversifying into the rally, demonstration, poster and arousing opposite public opinions through SNS.
What is noteworthy is that the struggle is shaking the south Korean authorities rule to the foundation.
History professors take the lead in the action against
Now the history professors take the lead in the struggle. Noting that they would not behave shamefully in front of the students, on October 13, the history professors of the Yonsei University issued a statement not to participate the revision of the textbook in any shape. With it as a start, the professors of many universities and historians rose in opposition to the revision regardless of the trend of the thought.
During the April 19 Popular Uprising in the past 1960s, the history professors led the struggle against the Syngman Rhee dictatorship under the slogan of Take blood for students blood. In this case, much more professors have taken part in the struggle.
By October 23, 454 history professors of nearly 70 universities have declared the refusal of writing. On October 30, the historians participated in the National History Meeting held in Seoul National University to define their attitude against the revision of the history textbook.
21 379 teachers of 3 904 schools including the members of Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union signed the a declaration on the situation which is opposite to the revision of the authorities.
Concerning the revision of the history textbook, the discord among the ins and the outs have been aggravated. In addition to it, some members of the Saenuri Party have made objectionable comments.
Asserting that the revision of textbook is a complete putting back the clock, an assemblyman of it manifested his displeasure. And another assemblyman denounced that it is not reasonable to revise the history textbook for consulting the superiors pleasure.
Meanwhile, the south Korean ruling force is seized with the uneasiness and apprehension because the opponents are increasing among the conservatives, their core supporting forces.
The south Korean authorities flung a large amount of money into the propaganda of the government designated textbook system and sent out an official document to the self-governing bodies requesting the cooperation. But little attention was paid to it.
What is more despicable is that those who are in authority such as assemblymen of Saenuri Party make reckless remarks. They insist that the present history textbook is for the education for the communizing the entire Korean Peninsula and the movements against the revision are instructed by the DPRK.
Regardless of the public sentiment, the south Korean authorities forced the revision, however it is tantamount to digging their own grave.
They have made desperate bid to force revision of the history textbook for prolonging their regime, but they would be collapsed ultimately by massive resistance of the various circles of the people.

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