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Not let His Death Be In Vain

Not let His Death Be In Vain
Chun Tae-il, a south Korean worker, burnt himself to death in protest against the anti-worker policy of the south Korean authorities on Nov. 13, 1970, forty-five years ago.
When November comes, a memorial service takes place before the grave of Chun Tae-il and the workers and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions hold a rally to denounce anti-worker policy of the south Korean authorities. However, his desire has not yet been realized, instead, the plight of workers become miserable.
A memorial service for martyr Chun Tae-il
While making the unions toothless, the south Korean authorities have harshly suppressed the workers struggle for existence. They are trying to enact a retrogressive labor law to bring profit to the conglomerate and put the people under the screw.
The Public Health and Medical Trade Union held a meeting in Seoul on Oct. 29 to declare an action against the authorities' anti-worker policy and for workers' rights to existence.
The government and business groups have made desperate bid to suppress the workers and they would respond the present regimes anti-worker-policy with a general strike, it declared.
A resolution was read out there.
It said that the authorities' retrogressive revision of the structure of the labor mark is a great disaster as it worsens the situation of employment and payment, labor conditions and labor-management relations.
The "measure for normalizing public organizations" serves as means for havocking the public nature of healthcare and threatening the workers' rights to existence, it censured.
700 unionists of North Jeolla Province under the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions held a rally on Oct. 30 to protest against worker reform and rice import of the south Korean authorities.
In a resolution the organizations branded the regime as the undemocratic regime against workers, peasants and common people as it is keen on making the majority of people poor and bringing profits to a handful of plutocrats. They demanded the regime step down at once as it turned south Korea into a dark society without hope and future.

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