Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Unfinished Confrontation With Fascism-from DPRK Foreign Ministry website


It has been 76 years since the world democratic forces achieved a brilliant victory in the Second World War, which had plunged the whole world into chaos of rampant destruction and slaughter and brought misery and pain to hundreds of millions of peoples.

Though many years have passed, the humankind still lives with incurable wounds of distress, which the fascists inflicted by committing the armed invasion and untold barbaric human slaughter claiming a great number of lives in a wild dream to fascistize and enslave the whole world.

The United Nations General Assembly at its 59th Session declared 8 – 9 May as a time of remembrance of all victims of the Second World War and on these days, encourages all countries to achieve national reconciliation and unity, not forgetting the lessons drawn from the war.

However, the world today witnesses the moves to openly label the fascist war criminals and their cohorts as “defenders of freedom” and “national heroes” and even praise their crimes as patriotic deeds.

Extreme rightists of some Western countries turn black into white by unreasonably asserting that the Allies of the Second World War were criminals and the fascists are not at fault. They are also clamoring that the results of the Second World War should be reconsidered to retrieve the honor of fascists.

Advocating for “their conquest of the world”, they attempt to revive Nazism that preached the “extermination” of inferior nations by a “superior nation”. This is a clear manifestation of national chauvinism and racism to oppress and dominate other countries for all intents and purposes and also an act of disregarding the fact that the existence of their own country would have been inconceivable without anti-fascist struggle.

The attempts to label the Nazis as “heroes” and distort the history constitute an insult to known and unknown heroes who sacrificed their lives courageously and an insult to the souls of innocent peoples killed during the war against Nazis. This is so much dangerous as disrupting the world peace and security by spreading misanthropic and confrontational spirits.

History can neither be denied nor distorted.

All countries of the world should be highly vigilant against and never tolerate the extremely dangerous attempt to revive fascism, which will otherwise inflict horrendous misery and calamity upon the humanity and trigger another confrontation and war.

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