Monday, 17 May 2021

The Congress of young revolutionaries' ( A speech by Alan Bolon to Seminar on DPRK Youth League Congress, 15th of May 2021 )


 The 10th Congress of Youth Socialist League was successfully held on 29th of April 10th

amid political awareness and extraordinary enthusiasm of its participants. The Congress,

which lasted three days discussed in depth the measures to bring about a fundamental

turn in the Youth League work by thoroughly applying the spirit of the 8th Congress of

the Workers’ Party of Korea and adopted relevant decisions.

During the Congress, speakers referred to the achievements, experiences made by the

youth in their endeavors to creditably fulfill the sacred mission and duty of defending the

country, its people and its values. The Congress analyzed and reviewed mistakes found in

the league work. The speakers pledged to redouble their efforts to carry out the league

building and activities in line with Party’s ideas and intention with fresh resolution and


The second agenda “Review of the work of the Central Inspection Commission of the

Kimilsungism – Kimiljongilism Youth League” to be followed. A resolution was adopted

with the unanimous approval.

The Congress discussed the third agenda item “on renaming the youth league”; the name

“Socialist Patriotic Youth League” was adopted with unanimous approval.

The fourth agenda item “On revising the rules of the Youth League” where the report on

revising the rules was discussed. The reporter summarized the content of rules to be

revised and supplemented in conformity with the new fighting tasks facing the youth

league, the requirements of developing revolution and the principle of building the youth

league. The revised rules reflect the requirements for raising the fighting efficiency of the

Workers' Party of Korea.

The Congress discussed the fifth agenda item “On election of the central leadership organ

of the youth league”.

All Socialist League members with great enthusiasm and optimism expressed their

feelings and motivations to mobilize themselves to continue the hard work for

implementation of the 8th Congress of WPK. They do this in order to build a socialist

construction to achieve success and wellbeing with improved lives of all Korean People.

Long live Kimilsungism – Kimiljongilism!

Alan Bolon,

Chairman of West of England Branch,

of the UK Korean Friendship Association.


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