Wednesday, 26 May 2021

KCNA Commentary Slams Japan's Militaristic Ambition

Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- Japan has become increasingly conspicuous in its moves for turning itself into a military giant.

At a recent exclusive press interview, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said "north Korea is doggedly pursuing the diversification of its offensive posture and China is extensively and rapidly beefing up its military muscle both in quality and quantity", talking about "great concern over Japan's security".

He also underlined the "need to build up effective defense capabilities by whatever means necessary."

His words brought to light the true colors of a militarist desperately pursuing overseas aggression, a vivid expression of the militaristic wild ambition injected into him by his maternal grandfather, a top-class war criminal.

His maternal grandfather Nobusuke Kishi is a top-class war criminal who tangibly supported Japan's war of aggression as a minister in the notorious cabinet of Hideki Tojo during the Second World War.

Nobusuke Kishi was a typical militarist and the boss of the ultra-right conservative forces in Japan, who insisted for the first time on constitutional revision and spearheaded the rearmament of the militaristic forces as prime minister after Japan's defeat.

Nobuo Kishi, born into such family and fed on the militaristic idea, is a typical militarist who runs amuck to realize his grandparent's wild ambition like former PM Abe, his elder brother.

He frequents the Yasukuni Shrine to pray to the departed souls of the war criminals and incites hostility towards the DPRK. After being appointed as defense minister, he has busied himself to carry out the "security policy task" assigned by Abe at all costs.

Often clamoring for "the severity and uncertainty of security environment", he gets frantic in girding the "Self-Defense Forces" for a war.

Japan's recent bolstering of military muscle is obviously intended to acquire the capability for a preemptive attack.

Japan has massively built warships with different missions including a new-type submarine, developing, introducing and deploying new-generation stealth fighters and other offensive military hardware.

The ulterior purpose of Japan's oft-repeated story about "threats from neighboring countries" has been revealed by Nobuo Kishi's recent talk about "effective defence capabilities" and "securing of an edge not only in land, naval and air operations but also in new spheres like outer space, cyberspace and electromagnetic wave field."

The Japanese reactionaries widely spread such a story to justify their access to preemptive attack capabilities.

This has something in common with the wild ambition of the reactionary conservative forces of Japan who had attained their wild ambition for aggression and fattened their profits in colonies by sacrificing other countries and nations.

The present regime of Japan deceives the world with the story about "threats from neighboring countries" and seeks to make Japan a war-capable state by accelerating the drive for turning Japan into a military giant. This is a grave challenge to humankind aspiring after peace and stability.

Japan's scenario to repeat the crime-woven history of bloody aggression and plunder is utterly intolerable. -0-

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