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Speech of KFA UK Chairman Dr Dermot Hudson to the Webinar on the present situation in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, in the light of the national and international contexts. 21.05.2021

Thank you for inviting me to speak .

I am the chairman of the Korean Friendship Association of the UK and Official delegate of the Korean Friendship Association for the UK . KFA has over 17,000 members worldwide and our KFA UK facebook page has 9,930 likes and we have 3,807 followers on twitter.

This webinar is being held appropriately at a time when a summit is taking place in the US between   Biden and the south Korean chief executive . No doubt there will a lot of grovelling on the part of the south Korean ruler towards the United States because sadly although the leadership in south Korea changed a few years ago to a more ‘liberal’ one , quote unquote , south Korea has not changed its policy of dependence on the United States and US troops and weapons remain in south Korea .Indeed south Korea recently agreed to pay more for the ‘privilege ‘ of being occupied by US troops .

The Biden regime in the US is continuing with the US hostile policy towards People’s Korea  . In March the US and south Korea carried out wargames against People’s Korea .  The war games of the US and south Korean military  were ones simulating an all-out war against the DPRK. The south Korean army, the US troops present in south Korea and reinforcements outside the Korean Peninsula are to be involved in the war game. 

The holding of such military exercises was a flagrant violation of the inter-Korean agreements that were signed in 2018 which stipulated that hostile acts such as military exercises should not be held . The war games also violate the spirit of the DPRK-US joint statement of June 2018 .

The US and south Korea tried to justify the war games on the grounds that they are ‘annual ‘ ones and that they are defensive . This is nonsense . They can be compared to fire drills at a workplace . Fire drills are not held just to annoy staff or for entertainment but  to prepare for the eventuality that one day there could be a real fire .Similarly military exercises are held to prepare for the outbreak of an actual war otherwise  there would be no point in holding them .

The US and south Korean war games are aiming at preparing to stifle People’s Korea by force and to overthrow the socialist system in the DPRK and make the DPRK a colony of imperialism.

The US whilst not imposing additional sanctions on the DPRK , which would probably be difficult as the DPRK is one of the most sanctioned countries on the planet , has tightened up the enforcement of sanctions on the DPRK  carrying out a number of actions including the seizure of property of alleged sanctions violators .  On the 17th of March  Malaysia committed the unpardonable crime of extraditing a DPRK citizen living there to the US on charges of sanctions breaking .  We issued a statement about this  as well as an article. The DPRK took the step of severing relations with Malaysia . We praised this action on a post on the KFA UK Facebook page , however this led to the KFA UK page getting flamed by stupid Malaysian reactionaries who did like seeing Malaysia described as a puppet of the US . However KFA UK is never afraid to hit back hard against the enemies of People’s Korea and call a spade a spade and not a shovel.

  Earlier this month Biden made a speech to the US congress  in which he called the DPRK  ‘a serious threat ‘ . In this connection  Kwon Jong Gun, director general of the Department of U.S. Affairs of the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK

Issued a statement which said that ‘His statement clearly reflects his intent to keep enforcing the hostile policy toward the DPRK as it had been done by the U.S. for over half a century  and branded it as ‘ illogical and an encroachment upon the DPRK's right to self-defense for the U.S., that had threatened the DPRK through unprecedented vicious hostile policy and constant nuclear blackmail, to call the DPRK's deterrence for self-defence a "threat".

The U.S.-claimed "diplomacy" is a spurious signboard for covering up its hostile acts, and "deterrence" touted by it is just a means for posing nuclear threats to the DPRK.’

 So basically the US hostility towards the DPRK remains unchanged . 

  My guess is the Biden regime will tend to avoid direct confrontation with the DPRK and not escalate the situation like Donald Trump did during the first year of his period of office . Trump was a real maverick who managed to outside the parameters of US policy on Korea in two opposite directions , firstly , by publicly threatening the DPRK with destruction , this was far too open and blatant for the likes of the bosses of US imperialism , secondly , by then doing a 180 degree turn and negotiating directly with the DPRK at the highest level , this approach was not favoured by the US deep state as it was seen as giving legitimacy to the DPRK . A key part of the US strategy against the DPRK is the so-called ‘delegitimisation of the DPRK and Trump went against it .  Biden will look to keep the anti DPRK pot simmering , we can expect to see sanctions and more and more anti-DPRK propaganda   as well some military exercises . I suspect Biden will put pressure on south Korea to reverse its official stance on the provocative leafleting scattering operations .  Our job in KFA UK will be as ever to defend the DPRK and step up our campaigning in support of the DPRK.

 Lastly , I would like to say a few words about the 41st anniversary of the Kwangju massacre in south Korea  this is something that the ‘human rights liberals ‘ do not like to talk about although they continuously go about so-called ‘human rights issues ‘ in the DPRK .

41 years ago  the south Korean puppet fascists drowned the city of Kwangju in blood  .The south Korean fascist puppet army killed 5,000 people and injured 14,000 in the south Korean city of Kwangju .Here the residents had organised protests against the military fascist dictatorship of Chun Du Hwan . These protests quickly turned into an uprising against the military dictatorship and were forcibly put down by the south Korean military .It was a truly barbaric massacre ,an act of genocide by the south Korean military fascists against the civilian population.It was a fascist despotic act aimed at  suppressing the democrats and patriots of south Korea.

   Standing behind the south Korean puppets and manipulating them  were the US imperialists At the time the US held peacetime operational command over the south Korean puppet army , it could not move without the say so of the US commander in south Korea . Moreover the then south Korean military ruler Chun Do Hwan had been trained in the US and had also fought in the Vietnam war . He was a special agent of the US CIA.

   A special meeting was held at the White House on the 22nd of May 1980 attended by Edmund Muskie, Warren Christopher ,Zbigniew Brzezinski and Donald Gregg among others . It was decided here that the Kwangju uprising should be suppressed.

    On the 22nd of May 1980 US commander in south Korea general Wickham gave the green light for the south Korean armed forces to suppress the Kwangju uprising by force. US president Jimmy Carter said that security concerns must override human rights .

   The US also sent the warship USS Coral Sea to south Korea to be on standby to assist the south Korean armed forces in the suppression of the Kwangju uprising.

    Thus the US imperialists are the true author of the Kwangju massacre. US imperialism has the blood of 5,000 south Koreans on its hands!

  We must increase our solidarity not only with the DPRK but south Korean progressives such as the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea.

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