Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Children’s Laughter and Tears – What Do These Imply?


There are not a few famous personages in the world who have been recorded in history and leaders who have enjoyed respect from the people for their distinguished exploits performed for humankind. There are also various appellations that signify their standing.

There is yet only one outstanding leader whom not only entire people of the country but also all children, with pure hearts that know nothing of lies or affectation, desire to see even in their dreams by calling as a father, sacred and noble name. That great father is our respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

Genuine patriotism is inconceivable apart from fervent love and devotion for the new generation, and there is nothing more to be desired if whole body is reduced into grains of sand and spread over the road that the new generation will walk on; these are the philosophical principle and the noble outlook on life held by the respected General Secretary who ever continues his journey of love for the children and for the future.

Under the ever-deepening paternal love of the respected General Secretary, our children enjoy the benefit of universal 12-year free compulsory education, growing fond of new school uniforms and stationery supplied by the State. And thanks to the modern children’s hospitals and preventive medical care, they are growing up healthy and sound.

Our children are yet of young age to know only coddling and frolicking and to laugh at anything that makes them happy. But they attained discretion at their early ages, as they realize deep in their young hearts that the great love bestowed by the father Marshal is the price of dedication of his whole soul at his great sacrifice.

That is why all children in the country have shed the tears of gratitude rather than jumped for joy. They include the little kids of Pyongyang orphanage who told the General Secretary when they had been embraced by him that their home built by father Marshal is the best, and the children who heard the affectionate story that the respected General Secretary had taken the step to send the children in flood-affected areas to Songdowon International Children’s Camp lest they would spend their days in gloom.

Thanks to the great ideal and grand plan of General Secretary Kim Jong Un who determined to hand over more assets of happiness to the new generations, modern baby homes, orphanages, orphans’ primary and secondary schools, schoolchildren’s palaces and other nests of happiness to be envied by the world have sprung up across the country, and our children are now growing brightly and lively in the embrace of boundlessly grateful socialist system.

However, many children are suffering from pains and miseries in the societies where all sorts of social evils are rife, and in the conflict-stricken countries where the sovereignty was deprived of by outside forces. They are now banging their tiny fists on the gatepost of universal conscience, calling for true love and affection and genuine embrace to hold them.

The children in some “developed” countries are falling victims to the rampant gun-related crimes and withering away in their infancy without enjoying a moment of fundamental right to existence. Still worse, they are being forced into severe maltreatment and brutal death even by their own parents.

Countless children living in the capitalist countries which boast of huge wealth and national income are suffering from poverty and thus crying for help. But their fate is predestined under such social systems where egoism goes extreme and money decides everything.

Driven by the dirty pornography prevalent in the world, young girls are raped in every corner, and the offenders are found even from the political circles beyond ordinary citizenry. Such reality gives a vivid account of the irrationality of capitalist society bragging about civilization.

Even more heartbreaking are the misfortune and misery of the children in the countries where the sovereignty was trampled and the conflicts are imposed as a result of interference and high-handedness by certain countries.

Children in the conflict-stricken regions are destined to live in the midst of battle fields where bullets and artillery shells rain down, while feeling increasing fear of death and anxiety, and threat of diseases and starvation. Could there be any expectation of hope or dream about their future?

To make matters worse, hundreds of thousands of children are being dragged every year into the alien places as results of human trafficking, sexual slavery, forced labor and recruitment of mercenaries. This tragic reality speaks to the meaningful lesson that there will be neither prospect nor future of the country when it is deprived of its sovereignty.

Laughter by children symbolizes justice and beauty, while cry by children stands for injustice.

It would take little insight for humanity – which cherishes justice and consciousness – to determine what is right and what is wrong by comparing such different lives of children.

The socialist system of our country is indeed an eternal home of happiness that takes full responsibility for the destiny and future of new generations and brings their beautiful dreams and hopes into full blossom, as it is the system where people are regarded as heaven, everything serves for the people and children are growing up to be the robust pillars of future for the country.

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