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Report of Online Meeting of KFA UK and the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea “ 10th Congress of the Youth League and the struggle against capitalist ideology held 15

A meeting of the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and the Korean Friendship Association of the UK on the subject of the 10th Congress of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League and the struggle against capitalist ideology was held at 16.30 hours on the 15. 05 .2021  . It was attended by members of KFA UK and the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea from London , West of England  and Staffordshire . Also KFA Finland and friends of the DPRK from Turkey and Poland . A written contribution was received from the Brazilian Centre for the Study of Songun Politics .

  Dr Dermot Hudson, chairman of the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and chairman of KFA UK opened the meeting  before turning to the main topic of the meeting  he pointed out that the DPRK stood by the Palestinian people and have given aid to the Arab people in their struggle against  Zionism and imperialism . President KIM IL SUNG met Yasser Arafat several times .

   A written contribution from the Brazilian Centre for the Study of Songun Politics   stated that “ Comrades, the theme you have chosen is very important. I think we can say that youth is the core of any revolution. Without the strength of youth, no revolution is made and mainly remains. Youth is the heart of Juche and the heart of Korean Socialism. For this reason, the 10th Congress of Youth League was instrumental in strengthening of Kimilsungist and Kimjongilist wisdoms. 

In this congress, several important points were addressed. The League's conduct over the past five years has been expressly praised by the respected leader and comrade Kim Jong Un, who was also categorical in stating that youth support for the Workers Party of Korea (WPK) is the essential basis for advancing the cause of socialism and the practical development of the Juche Idea. It is known that the DPRK faces one of the most difficult moments of recent times, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that forced the closure of its borders with China, which tightened its already scarce foreign trade. This all adds up to political embargoes and the imminent threats of invasion by the Biden government, that is, the situation is difficult. However, comrade Kim Jong Un, as well as the Central Committee of the WPK, all authorities in the country are enthusiastic about the certainty that these adversities will be overcome. And indeed they will be, because history is proof of the resilience of this victorious mass called the KOREAN PEOPLE’.

The Chairman of the West of England branch of KFA UK said in his speech that ‘ The 10th Congress of Youth Socialist League was successfully held on 29th of April 10th amid political awareness and extraordinary enthusiasm of its participants. ...All Socialist League members with great enthusiasm and optimism expressed their

feelings and motivations to mobilize themselves to continue the hard work for implementation of the 8th Congress of WPK. They do this in order to build a socialist construction to achieve success and wellbeing with improved lives of all Korean People.

Long live Kimilsungism – Kimiljongilism!’

Dr Dermot Hudson gave the keynote address  saying that ‘ The congress of the youth league in the DPRK is of very great importance because basically youth are the successors to the revolution . In People's Korea young people have always been viewed as the vanguard and shock brigade of socialist construction . Young people  in the DPRK are a source of pride for the country . They took part in difficult labour consuming work and volunteer for key projects .Many monumental structures  such as the Paektusan Youth Hero Power station were built by young people and bear the name of youth .Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  defined young people as one of the three main forces of socialist construction and a source of pride for the Workers' Party of Korea.’

  Referring to the struggle against anti-socialist and non socialist practices he said that ‘ In the past some socialist countries failed to take measures against imperialist and bourgeois ideological and cultural infiltration. Moreover they failed to struggle against anti-socialist and non-socialist practices and were overwhelmed by them only to collapse . It has also been said that a certain country ‘opened its door but forgot to put up the mosquito net ‘ ….The DPRK is now going to unfold an exciting and powerful campaign against anti-socialist and non-socialist ideas . This in turn will generate a great upsurge in socialist construction and make a decisive contribution to the fulfillment of the new 5 year plan.’.

The Chairman of Staffordshire KFA UK branch said the history of the Korean revolution is intimately  bound with the history of the youth movement in Korea . He said that the history of the youth league in Korea goes right back to the foundation of the Young Communist League.

 Some discussion was held on the subject of Korean reunification . Dr Hudson pointed out that 41 years ago the south Korean puppets carried out the Kwangju massacre with the backing of the US imperialists . The south Korean people carried out many revolutionary struggles against south Korean puppet fascist rule and US imperialism.

The meeting closed at 17.45 hours.

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