Tuesday, 6 December 2016

U.S. Sanctions on DPRK Will Lead to its Ruin: Deputy Director of Institute for International Studies

    Pyongyang, December 5 (KCNA) -- O Yong Ran, deputy director of the Institute for International Studies of the DPRK, on Monday issued an article titled "The U.S. sanctions on the DPRK is ruinous".
    The author referred to the adoption under duress of the "resolution on sanctions" on the DPRK by the U.S. and its vassal forces by abusing the UN Security Council.
    The basic reason for the U.S. persistent slapping of sanctions against the DPRK is that the latter never wants to be obedient to the former's domination, the article said, and went on:
    The U.S. cooked up all sorts of sanctions under the pretext of the UN "sanctions resolution" but the DPRK has paved the path of its own life and prosperity despite the U.S. persistent sanctions and blockade.
    Korean-style socialism dynamically advancing in the self-development-first spirit as its engine is the simplest and the most explicit reason why the U.S. sanctions do not work on the DPRK.
    The U.S. and its vassal forces are resorting to the sanctions racket out of calculation that continued sanctions will some time prove effective.
    Nothing is more foolish than to attempt to break down the single-minded unity of the DPRK in which its people are rallied close around their leader in thinking and feelings.
    Twelve administrations have been replaced in the U.S. ranging from Truman who ignited the Korean War to Obama who consumed lots of energy in the racket for sanctions on the DPRK pursuant to the "strategic patience" but they all proved futile, the reason being their ignorance of the DPRK.
    Whoever becomes the owner of the White House, if he or she hopes for winning the confrontation with the DPRK, that will be an expression of the most serious ignorance of the DPRK and the U.S. is fated to go to ruin. -0-

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