Friday, 9 December 2016

Commentary by ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA on the downfall of Park Geun Hye

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Today(the 9th of December) the south Korean puppet "national assembly "voted by an overwhelmingly majority to finally 'impeach' the discredited and hated Park Geun Hye , the witch of the Chongwadae or as someone put it , Hitler dressed in women's clothing.
       Park was a most ill-famed puppet 'president'. She was the daughter of Park Chung Hee  the military fascist dictator of the 1960's and 1970's.Park senior was a former Japanese colloborator(actually an officer in the Imperial Japanese Army) and became an agent of the US CIA . He came to power through a military coup in 1961 which was planned and fully backed by the USA.  During the  18 year long fascist rule of Park Chung Hee  political opponents were jailed  by the thousand and many were killed Park senior was shot by his own security chief in October 1979 on orders from the Americans as he had becomea liablity and an embarrassment. Park Geun Hye came to power not by a military coup but through an intelligence coup. Park jailed many pro-reunification patriots , dissolved the Unified Progressive Party  and repressed the trade unions. Park incited extreme confrontation with the northern part of Korea , the socialist Democratic People's Republic of Korea , the homleand of the Juche Idea. Park also made south Korea more dependent on the US but also Japan and even tried to draw the EU and all sorts of countries into inter-Korean matters. The introduction of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense was approved despite the opposition of the south Korean people and many countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
   A massive scandal around Park's close personal friend Choe Sun Sil emerged. The monopoly conglomerates were paying billions into slush funds controlled by Choe Sun Sil. Park's approval rating dropped to 4 per cent and massive demonstrations rocked Seoul and other south Korean cities. It was clearly that Park was doomed.
   The impeachment is it a victory of sorts because it means that the hated puppet dictator Park has been removed or at least temporarily as a panel of judges will make the final decision. However the south Korean puppet reactionary ruling system has been left untouched and the replacement for Park as acting "president " , Hwang Kyo-Ahn, is a Park loyalist and another hardened reactionary . As the great leader President KIM IL SUNG said when Syngham Rhee was overthrown " When Syngman Rhee is toppled there will appear a Syngman ‘Chang’. When Syngman ‘Chang’ is overthrown, a Syngman ‘Pak’ will appear"
   It is not enough to replace one puppet politician with another one, instead the entire south Korean reactionary comprador ruling system should be overthrown and US troops expelled from south Korea.
   Does Park's impeachment signify real change in south Korea? The answer is no. The south of Korea is still a puppet regime that is controlled by the US.Seeing the mass protests against Park and feared that these could turn into popular uprisings , the US decided to abandon Park to her fate. The growing strength of the DPRK guided by Songun and which upholds self-development is threatening the US strangehold on south Korea. The US cut Park's life-support because it feared that south Korea could disintregate and reunification would come under the leadership of respected Marshal
KIM JONG UN. What Park's impeachment does show is the deep fissures and contradictions within the south Korean ruling class. Does Park's impeachment mean that south Korea is democratic, again the answer is No because the National Security Law remains in force and Park has simply been replaced by another member of the south Korean puppet ruling class.
  More needs to be done to support the true pro-reunification patriots of south Korea, the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic front of south Korea.

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