Saturday, 10 December 2016

KCNA Commentary Ridicules Japan, Human Rights Abuser

Pyongyang, December 10 (KCNA) -- The missing Japanese who were reportedly abducted by the DPRK are appearing one after another.
    According to Sankei Shimbun, the public security department of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Agency announced on Dec. 1 that Masanori Katsuki, who went missing in Etogawa District, Tokyo, at the age of 36 in Feb. 1985 and had been believed to be kidnapped by north Korea, was found in Japan in the latter half of November when he is 68 years old.
    Earlier in June last the Fukui Prefectural police disclosed that Kazuya Miyauchi whom they claimed to be abducted by north Korea in 1997 at the age of 32 was found in Japan.
    Japan has become reckless in the human rights campaign against the DPRK over the "abduction issue" already settled.
    The appearance of the missing persons in recent years glaringly reveals truth about Japan's serious human rights abuses in the eyes of the international community.
    It is a well-known fact that whenever an opportunity presented itself, Japan behaved mischievously under the guise of a "victim of abduction".
    The Japanese government has taken the lead in the anti-DPRK campaign, extending the sanctions against the DPRK every year which were imposed on it under the pretext of the "abduction issue." It is evading its apology and reparation for its unprecedentedly hideous crimes against humanity in a bid to calm down the voices of the international community demanding it redress them.
    In fact, Japan is a serious human rights abuser who is not entitled to take issue with the DPRK.
    In the past Japan forcibly drafted over 8.4 million young and middle-aged Koreans to force them to slave labor or hurled many of them into shambles of war of aggression as cannon fodder and massacred more than one million Koreans in cold blood. Moreover, it forced 200 000 Korean women into sexual slavery for the imperial Japanese army, violating their chastity.
    This notwithstanding, Japan played a leading role in the fabrication of the U.S.-sponsored anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" in the UN, becoming more talkative about "human rights" than anybody else.
    Japan is styling itself "champion of human rights" though it made not only the people of Korea but also other Asian nations shed blood. This reminds one of a wolf pretending to be a lamb.
    Japan would be well advised to reflect on itself as it is bereft of any elementary moral justification and decency. -0-

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