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The Daily Mirror joins in the anti-DPRK lie campaign-commentary by ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA

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real children in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Recently the "Daily Mirror " along with other UK tabloid newspapers carried
reports about to so-called "forced child labour " in the DPRK alleging "human rights" violations .
   The "Mirror" ran a story on the 14th of December claiming it had film and pictures of "child labour " in the DPRK, that the DPRK Supreme Leadership was making children as young as five years old 'build a railway line'.
   The footage was pretty suspect and dubious to say the least. Nothing in the picture actually identified the place as the DPRK, there were no obvious DPRK symbolism or slogans to be seen. Some of the children appeared to wear Western style clothes and were not in the distinctive uniform of the Korean Children’s Union nor did they have the badges of the Korean Children's Union. Another question is were the adults forcing the children to do this work? or at least giving them some supervision ?. Is this because in fact this  is not what the authors claim it is but has been deliberately staged so the adults are the ones actually behind the camera directing the children in the "drama" .It is quite possible that this has been filmed using actors in a third country.Some anti-DPRK documentaries have actually been filmed in south Korea,China, Thailand and even northern Ireland.In some case real footage of the DPRK has been mixed with fake material to give it a look of authenticity.
   A smoking gun in the article is that it supposedly comes from secret "informers ".So we are in the realm of the "dodgy defectors ",shadowy figures who claim various things like people being executed only for the said person to appear alive and well a few months later.This has the hallmarks of the south Korean "National Intelligence Service ",an organisation that has little to do with real intelligence but churns out false stories about the DPRK on a daily and even hourly basis.
  Child labour is strictly illegal in the DPRK.It is prohibited by several different laws.Article 31 of the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK expressly forbids child labour. Child labour is,according to the article 15 of the Socialist Labour Law and article 19 of law on children’s rights, strictly prohibited and institutions, enterprises,entities and individuals cannot employ children.Those who employ minors under working age are subject to criminal responsibility,according to article 181 of the criminal law.This makes the DPRK's position on child labour  very clear.Moreover it would surely be counter-productive to have a railway line built by children because the work would then have to checked by adults and possibly done over again.
  In fact the DPRK highly values children.The great leader President KIM IL SUNG called them the"kings of the country",indeed there are palaces for the children in the DPRK.In Pyongyang there is the state of the art Mangyondae Children's Palace and the Pyongyang Children's Palace.Visiting the DPRK many times we saw wonderful places for children such as the Changgwang Kindergarten and the Pyongyang Orphans School.It is totally inconceivable that the DPRK would ill treat children.
  The Sun "and "Mirror" are running anti-DPRK stories daily as part of the psychological preparation for British forces to be involved in a second Korean War .The "Sun" tends to be read by British squaddies and their WAGs ,families etc and to a lesser extent so is the Mirror. Both are inciting hatred of the DPRK and the supreme leadership amongst their readers to make them hate the DPRK and accept the idea of war against the DPRK.Both the "Sun" and "Mirror" are part of the monopoly capitalist media lie machine.
  As to the "socialist " or "Labour " Daily Mirror in reality this paper has always been close to the British establishment:  "And the most famous whistleblower of all, Peter (Spycatcher) Wright, revealed that MI5 had agents in newspapers and publishing companies whose main role was to warn them of any forthcoming “embarrassing publications”. Wright also disclosed that the Daily Mirror tycoon, Cecil King, “was a longstanding agent of ours” who “made it clear he would publish anything MI5 might care to leak in his direction”. Selective details about Wilson and his secretary, Marcia Falkender, were leaked by the intelligence services to sympathetic Fleet Street journalists. Wright comments: “No wonder Wilson was later to claim that he was the victim of a plot” King was also closely involved in a scheme in 1968 to oust Prime Minister Harold Wilson and replace him with a coalition headed by Lord Mountbatten
Hugh Cudlipp, editorial director of the Mirror from 1952 to 1974, was also closely linked to intelligence, according to Chris Horrie, in his recently published history of the newspaper. David Walker, the Mirror’s foreign correspondent in the 1950s, was named as an MI6 agent following a security scandal while another Mirror journalist, Stanley Bonnet, admitted working for MI5 in the 1980s investigating the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. "The Mirror was
also owned for a long time by Robert Maxwell , a MI6 and Mossad asset.The "Mirror " ran a false story about former Miners leader Arthur Scargill.
  We ask of the "Mirror "did MI6 tell you to run this story ?how much did the south Korean puppets pay you to print the story? Shame on the "Daily Mirror" !

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