Wednesday, 14 December 2016

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA special commentary on British imperialism's slanders against People's Korea

ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF SONGUN POLITICS UK email     Apparently some overpaid upper class FCO bureaucrat called Matthew Rycroft the so "permanent representative of the UK to the UN " has been extremely busy and noisy in slandering and vilifying the Democratic People's Republic of Korea at the UN. This had been done several times in the pas few weeks. What is shows it the extreme hostility of the British ruling class to the people-centred socialist system of the DPRK chosen by its people and its people alone . Clearly British imperialism in the form of Rycroft wants Iraq style regime in the DPRK with Britain acting as a very junior and subservient partner to US imperialism and even the miserable and discredited south Korean puppets . It is truly shameful and disgraceful that Britain is acting in this way without independence and without good judgement and common sense. The FCO have once even admitted to UK KFA (in a reply to correspondence ) that British policy on Korea is conditioned by the amount of trade between Britain and south Korea and the amount of investments in south Korea.
  As to Rycroft's lies and slanders . Firstly, the DPRK has not threatened anyone at , its nuclear deterrent is purely defensive and is merely a response to the persistent nuclear threat of the US to the DPRK. Anyway south Korea is not a "neighbouring country " but a puppet entity created by the US imperialism, there was never separate countries in north Korea and south Korea , Korea existed for thousands of years as a single unified state before the Americans barged into south Korea in 1945. The southern part of Korea is basically in effect the territory of the DPRK that is illegally occupied by the US and the DPRK would be within its rights to liberate south Korea.
There is no such thing as slavery in the DPRK, It is completely illegal in the DPRK as is child labour and human trafficking . Indeed slavery is contrary to the Juche idea which stresses the independence and creativity of humans and believes in enhancing the independence and creativity of humanity .
  The citizens of the DPRK enjoy the rights to work , rest , to free healthcare and free education (even at university level) and pay no taxes . There are no homeless people in the DPRK.
  There is no diversion of resources away from the population as claimed by Rycroft. In fact in the DPRK state budget in April 2016 military expenditure was decreased by 0.1 per cent whereas expenditure for health , education ,sports and culture were all increased. It should be added that the DPRK does not have the austerity and cutbacks that the UK has . The UK has suffered from continuous austerity since 2010 and there is no sign of it ending whereas the DPRK is continuously increasing public spending and improving living standards.
  Visiting the DPRK several times in the past few years UK KFA has witnessed the massive construction of housing such as Changjon Street and Mirae Scientists Street as well facilities like the Munsu Water Park which would cost billions to build. It is a straight lie by Rycroft that the DPRK is diverting resources away from the civilian population and that people are suffering .
Visting the DPRK several times we have witnessed the happy life of the Korean people. Rycroft instead of going on about imaginary human rights abuses in the DPRK should turn his attention to the UK, as the old saying goes , "charity begins at home " and indeed human rights
begin at home . So Rycroft should address the question why British citizens need to go to Foodbanks for food and even some have died of malnutrition , and why there are so many homeless people in the UK.

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