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Monday 19th of December 2011 is a day that is etched in my mind permanently along with the 9th of July 1994.It was a cold, bleak and miserable December morning. In December the days are too short and weather cold. To me December is always an unlucky and fateful month(my father died in December).I awoke early from an uneasy and unrefreshing sleep at around 6am . It was pitch black outside.

   I found on my phone a text message from a friend which read something like "Very sad , a great loss ,condolence's to all" . I did not understand what this meant, who could have passed away ?. I staggered to the kitchen and turned the radio on . BBC Radio Four announced starkly and in a rather disrespectful tone that the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL had passed away ! I could not believe it. It reminded me of some 17 years before on the 9th of July when the great leader President KIM IL SUNG passed away and I heard that announcement on BBC Radio Four. I resolved to check whether the news was true as the BBC have lied on many occasions or simply parroted the propaganda of the south Korean puppets. I struggled to my computer and logged onto the KCNA website. With a deep sigh I saw there in black and white on the KCNA website that the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL had passed away whilst on a train going to give on-the-spot guidance on December 17th. I later learnt that the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN had the Innocent of the demise delayed because he did not want ruin the Korean people's day off on Sunday with the announcement.
   I watched the scenes of unparallelled and deep grief on the TV with tears coming into my eyes feeling a deep sense of loss. Later I went with other progressives and Juche idea followers to the DPRK Embassy in London and laid some flowers in front of the portrait of the great generalissimo KIM JONG IL.

  What made the loss even more deeper was that it was only a few months before the 70th anniversary of the birth of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL on the 16th of February 2012 and Korean people and world Juche idea followers had planned the World Juche Congress. Moreover March 2012 would see the 30th anniversary of the publication of the immortal treatise "ON THE JUCHE IDEA "
   The great leader comrade KIM JONG IL was a truly great and remarkable leader . The period of his leadership over the Korean revolution spanned several decades. Indeed from the start of the Songun-based revolutionary leadership on the 25 of August 1960 to the demise of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL the period was 51 years and taking the start of work of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea the period was 47 years , no other world statesman or leader  had such a long span of leadership. For example Lenin only led the Soviet revolution for 4 years and Stalin led the Soviet party and government for about 30 years.

  Visiting the DPRK in June 1994 I witnessed the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the start of work of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea .We visited an exhibition of his works. My eyes were caught by a copy of "ON THE JUCHE IDEA ". This is without doubt one of the most important works that have ever been written in history . I remember reading it for the first time in the 1980s. I had become a convert to Juche in the mid 1980s after spending tortuous years without purpose looking for the correct road and the path of a truly human philosophy. At the time blockheaded and obstinate dogmatists tried to block the study of the Juche Idea ,even sneering at and deriding the great Juche idea.Such dogmatists insisted on only Marxism-Leninism and that only the Soviet Union had the true path to socialism and even that socialism could not be built in a small country !!! One day I opened a copy of the "JUCHE IDEA " that  I had got  and read the following passage " the Juche idea makes it possible to apply and develop the preceding revolutionary theories to suit the requirements ofrevolutionary practice in our time. In particular, it maintains the position of firmly defending and realizing the independence of the working class and other working masses, and thus makes it possible to accurately identify and eliminate all kinds of opportunism, including revisionism which gives up the cause of revolution halfway or denies class struggle, and uphold the class principle and the spirit of uninterrupted revolution in the revolutionary theories of the working class. "
  Thus I can to learn that rather from being "deviation from the class struggle " as the dogmatists prattled  the Juche Idea was(and is ,and always will be )  a class based and totally revolutionary theory. Indeed the dogmatists came unstuck as the Soviet Union collapsed but Peoples Korea guided by Juche and led by the great leaders President KIM IL SUNG and KIM JONG IL held high the socialist  red flag, the red flag of Juche. Reading  the treatise "ON THE JUCHE IDEA " proved to be a great revelation to me and at the same a great inspiration. I I have never looked back since then
   Great generalissimo KIM JONG IL was well known as the great successor to the Juche revolutionary cause started by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG .After the great leader
President KIM IL SUNG passed away in July 1994 and the DPRK was hit by natural disasters as well the blockade and sanctions of the imperialists. Some wicked forces of the imperialist world entertained the idea that there would be what they called a "change " in the DPRK  or a 'policy switch' what they of course really meant was that the DPRK would be go the same way as the USSR after JV Stalin died and Molotov , Malenkov and Kaganvich were purged from the leadership or
China after Chairman Mao died .Comrade KIM JONG IL declaring "Expect No Change from Me " made sure that the DPRK stuck to the socialist road come what may and confounded the imperialists, reactionaries , revisionists and traitors !. 

     The great leader comrade KIM JONG IL  defended the independence of the DPRK that was under threat from the imperialists by administering Songun (military first ) politics. He faced down the US imperialists in the showdown without gunfire . After the disappearance of large parts of the socialist camp, the imperialists clamoured about the DPRK being "isolated  " but the great leader
comrade KIM JONG IL's skillful diplomacy backed up by the Songun politics opened up a new era of diplomatic relations for the DPRK in which it established diplomatic relations with many states  such as the UK, EU and other countries. The Songun politics of KIM JONG IL led to a breakthrough in the struggle for reunification  and the June 15 era of "By Our Nation itself " came about leading to gains in inter-Korean co-operation and reconciliation.
   The DPRK faced unprecedented challenges and difficulties in the 1990s but comrade KIM JONG IL proved to be a most skillful leader and guide who led the people to recover from the damage caused by floods and typhoons and onto the path of steady self-reliant economic growth. 
  This is why we Juche Idea and Songun idea followers of the UK remember the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL and why his achievements will shine for tens of thousands of years , in fact they will shine until the end of the earth !

Dr Dermot Hudson

President ASSPUK
Chairman JISGE
Chairman UK KFA

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