Tuesday, 13 December 2016

KCNA Commentary Warns S. Korean Regime's "Independent Sanctions" Will Backfire

 Pyongyang, December 13 (KCNA) -- No sooner had the "sanctions resolution" been passed through UN than the south Korean puppet regime made public a draft of "its own sanctions."
    They held a press conference at midnight and bluffed that it has become possible to "strangle windpipe" of the DPRK and south Korea "would take the lead in implementing the "sanctions resolution" while calling it a "landmark measure".
    The puppet forces dared to add supreme leadership organs and key officials of our party and state to the list of sanctions in the draft "resolution", things quite impossible with their capacity.
    This is a pipe dream of the confrontational maniacs seeking to recover from its predicament by brownnosing seniors and spiking the north-south relations even though they are now in a deplorable situation in which they are breathing their last in the face of the sea of candlelight kindled by the people.
    As reported, candlelight kindled across south Korea is turning into a huge torch, meting out stern punishment to traitor Park who committed all sorts of crimes against the people.
    It is as clear as noonday that the fate of those who served the traitor as her cat's paws will not be otherwise.
    At the crossroads of rise or fall, the puppet forces cry out hoarse for "toughest sanctions" and act a shock brigade in executing them, in conspiracy with their American master in order to evade the worst ruling crisis.
    They are now puffed up as if they did something big even though they produced a document no better than toilet tissue. Yet, they bluff it can give "bigger pain" than UN "sanctions resolution" to the north and it will have impact of "powerful signal" on the north.
    Now the north-south relations are at a total stalemate with no exchanges of personnel and materials due to the vicious confrontational-minded acts of the group of traitor Park Geun Hye who played into the hands of shaman.
    It is admitted by anyone that no "sanctions" and "pressure”can work nor can they prove effective under the present situation in which it is only migratory birds that cross the north-south border.
    This kind of foolish "sanctions" rhetoric can be made only by the group of traitors with inveterate repugnancy to the fellow countrymen and sycophancy and submission to outsiders.
    In actuality, Korea is now like an "island" the passage to which is totally blocked in the sky, sea and land, and it is not the DPRK but south Korea which suffers massive damage due to "sanctions" applied by the puppet forces themselves.
    The silly act of shutting down the Kaesong Industrial Zone put more than 6 000 businesses including 124 key south Korean businesses at the risk of bankruptcy and reduced over 124 000 workers into unemployed.
    It is by no means fortuitous that even those involved in drafting the absurd "independent sanctions" said "everything possible has been done and they have only symbolic meaning" and the south Korean media derided it as "an act little short of catching air with hand and wringing dry towel".
    The puppet group's wild act of taking any trouble to do harm to the fellow countrymen such as "independent sanctions" and "additional sanctions" is a stupid act little short of strangling its own neck.
    The ridiculous racket of "independent sanctions" will only backfire. -0-

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