Sunday, 11 December 2016

The 6th all-people candlelight rally

The 6th all-people action against the Park Geun-hye was staged all at once throughout south Korea on Dec 3.
2.32 million people took part in the action, under the sponsorship of the Emergency People's Action for Ousting the Park Geun-hye Regime.
The Emergency People's Action for Ousting the Park Geun-hye Regime and the Solidarity for Progress held a rally to urge Park Geun-hye's resignation and the disbandment of the ruling Saenuri Party in front of the headquarters of the Saenuri Party in Youido.
They noted that even children came up to Seoul from different part of south Korea to demand Park’s resignation and the disbandment of the Saenuri Party and called for the people to dissolve the ruling party that preserves silence on the immediate resignation of Park.
During the process of the rally, they tore a flag symbolizing the Saenuri Party and denounced lawmakers who are against the impeachment.
After the rally, 500 000 protesters launched the first action to encircle the Blue House from the east, west and south in Gwanghwamun Plaza, chanting slogans demanding the resignation of Park.
They made an approach to one hundred meters distance of Cheongwadae, while chanting slogans “Park, Out!” and “Arrest Park!”.
The speakers at the candlelight rally said that according to a referendum 99 percent of people demanded her speedy resignation and waged the second candlelit demo towards the Cheongwadae.
1.7 million people took part in the rally in Seoul alone to express their surging indignation at Park.
Such rallies urging Park Geun-hye's resignation were held all at once in all other parts of south Korea including Busan, Gwangju, Daejeon and Daegu.
The Cheongwadae expected the public sentiment would become somewhat conciliatory after publication of Park’s third "talk to people", however, it showed deep concern as the number of participants was over compared against the 5th candlelit action.
Park resorts to every conceivable trick to procrastinate the time in a bid to evade the impeachment; however, she is bound to meet a miserable end before long in the face of the massive resistance of the enraged south Korean people

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