Saturday, 24 December 2016

The eighth round of all-people candlelight rally

The 8th round of all-people action was staged in Seoul and over 80 parts of south Korea simultaneously on Dec. 17, with attendance of 770 000 people of every degree.
In Seoul, hundreds of thousands of people conducted various actions for the immediate resignation of Park before holding candlelight rally.

650 000 protesters thronged into Gwanghwamun Plaza to hold a rally in demand of Park’s resignation and punishment of accomplices.
They strongly criticized Park for presenting a written refutation denying the reason of her impeachment to the “Constitutional Court”.
They noted that it is unbecoming for Park, adding that they should liquidate the Park regime that had been engrossed in the abuses of governance in tandem with the business groups, conservative media and the “National Intelligence Service”.

Prime minister Hwang Gyo-an has acted for the presidency to show his attitude against the public feeling without reflection, they censured, chanting slogans “Step down, Hwang who is pushing policy for Park” “Early impeachment” and “Arrest accomplices”. 
They said that it is high time to display the mettle of people and urged the “Constitutional Court” to make a prompt decision on impeachment of Park.
They turned out their candlelight for a minute during the rally and shouted slogans in demand of resignation of Park and prime minster Hwang Gyo-an. They marched to the Blue House, the official residence of the prime minister and the "Constitutional Court" after the end of rally.
Timed with the rally in Seoul, similar candlelight actions were held in Busan and all other parts of south Korea.
Tens of thousands of people marched along the street after the end of the rally, chanting slogans demanding the resignation of Park, arrest of business tycoons, the disbandment of the Saenuri Party and the speedy settlement of Park’s impeachment of the “Constitutional Court.”  
The south Korean people harden their determination to wage uninterrupted strong action until Park is faced a stern punishment by history, given that the conservative force has made desperate bid to reverse the current situation.  

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