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Five years on the 30th of December 2011 dear respected comrade KIM JONG UN the Political Bureau of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the ruling party of People's Korea representing millions of members, took the decision to appoint to the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN as Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army.
  The question of the successor is one that is a key one in the revolution. Indeed the question of the successor determines the fate of the revolution. Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is the great successor to the Songun revolutionary cause. He visited the historic Seoul Ryu Kyong Su no 105 tank division of the Korean People's Army on the 1st of January 2012, this is the unit where the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL began his Songun revolutionary leadership (and is also the first tank unit to go into Seoul during the liberation of south Korea during the last Korean war). This action signified to the whole world that the Songun revolutionary leadership would continue. It smashed the dreams of the hidden enemies of  People's Korea who wanted to see the Songun revolutionary  line of independence derailed and the DPRK opt for "reform" and "opening up". People's Korea would continue along the path of Songun, independence and socialism.
  Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has performed truly amazing and remarkable exploits as the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army during the past five years. He has visited many frontline units in areas that were tense and flashpoints defying the US imperialists. On one occasion he visited a far flung island travelling on a small boat on a rough sea.

  In March 2013 when the situation on the Korean peninsula became very tense due to the war exercises of the US imperialists and south Korean puppets Respected KIM JONG UN convened an emergency operation meeting in the supreme headquarters concerning the firing mission of the strategic rocket units of the KPA on March 29, 2013.
Saying that the strategic units of the KPA should attack the bases of the US aggressive troops in the mainland of the US, Hawaii, the Guam and operation area of Pacific Ocean and those stationed in south Korea if the US imperialists deploy huge strategic forces to fire recklessly toward the DPRK, respected KIM JONG UN examined the attacking plan of the KPA strategic rocket units and put a final signature on it. This resolute approach of KIM JONG UN frightened the US imperialists out of their wits and they backed down .
During 2014, the respected Marshal KIM JONG UN gave unceasing on-the-spot-guidance to the KPA units, including strategic rocket units, in defiance of the threat of the US imperialists.
   In August 2015 when another very tense situation arose dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN ordered frontline units of the Korean People’s Army to go over to a semi-wartime state from 17:00 hours on Friday 21st of August 2015. Again the determined and resolute stance of Supreme Commander Marshal KIM JONG UN thwarted the aggressive moves of the south Korean puppets and US imperialist masters.
    Supreme Commander KIM JONG UN saying that "However fair-minded and just we are, we may become a bargaining chip for the strong and our precious history inherited with blood will loose  its shine in a moment if we are weak", has built the self-defence potentials of the DPRK at a great rate particularly the line of building the economy and nuclear force in parallel. Under the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the DPRK has carried out a total of three nuclear tests; one on the 13th of February 2013, the test of the DPRK’s first H bomb on the 6th of January 2016 and the successful test of the nuclear warhead on the 9th of September 2016. Great advances have been made in the field of missile technology . The DPRK has joined the unique club of nations that have submarine launched ballistic missiles.

    Visting the DPRK in September 2016 I was there when the nuclear test was conducted and was able to see on the TV the successful test of a road launched ICBM conducted in the presence of dar respected Marshal KIM JONG UN.  It was a sight to behold , the missiles soared majestically into the sky one after the other , a demonstration of the Juche-orientated firepower of the Korean People's Army commanded by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN. Thus the DPRK has built up a powerful Songun-based nuclear strike force capable of striking back at the US imperialists who have so many times threatened to incincerate the DPRK and lay waste to the land of the Morning Calm . Whether the US , UNSC, UK , Japan or anyone else likes it , the DPRK is now a fully fledged nuclear power with effective deterrent capablities.
  The US imperialist experts who once dismissed the DPRK’s military capabilities now admit that it only a matter of time before the DPRK has the capability to mount a nuclear strike on the US mainland and destroy it.Thanks to respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  People's Korea will not be a bargaining chip for anyonese nor will it fall a victim to competition between big powers.
  There is no doubt that dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  is a most dynamic and energetic supreme commander who personally oversees missile tests like no other leader in the world .Marshal KIM JONG UN is the man that the US imperialists fear the most.
   Supreme Commander Marshal KIM JONG UN is ready to liberate south Korea and reunify Korea should the south Korean puppets and US imperialists be foolhardy enouugh to ignite a war(of course the DPRK has put proposals for peaceful reunification on the table and earnestly seeks the independent  and peaceful reunification of Korea). In August 2012 he declared "Counter provocations with an immediate counteroffensive, and an aggressive war with a war of justice for the country’s reunification–this is our principled stand and unshakable will." !
 More recently dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN watched  a drill of the KPA Special Forces to capture the storm the Chongwadae or Blue House (the south Korean puppet "presidential "mansion) showing that the Korean People's Army can liberate south Korea , smash the south Korean puppet ruling organs and reunify Korea.
Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN a daring and audacious iron-willed brilliant commander of Songun who will reunify Korea!

Dr Dermot Hudson
President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Chairman UK Korean Friendship Association
Chairman UK Preparatory Committee 
Chairman  UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu
Member Inernational Committee For the Study of Songun Politics

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