Thursday, 15 December 2016

Immortal Feats for Building Revolutionary Militia Forces

Pyongyang, December 15 (KCNA) -- In the DPRK, the Worker-Peasant Red Guards (WPRG) is one of the self-reliant national defence forces, together with the Korean People's Army.
    Members of the WPRG have fulfilled their sacred duty in building a socialist economic power and defending the country, each taking a rifle in one hand and a hammer or sickle in the other.
    President Kim Il Sung created the tradition of building militia forces in the flames of anti-Japanese armed struggle.
    Leader Kim Jong Il carried on the President's idea of building the Juche-oriented militia forces to further strengthen the WPRG.
    He made public such famous works as "The Worker-Peasant Red Guards Is Powerful Militia Forces of Our Party" and "On the Invincibility of the All-People Defence System" to prove in a scientific way that the all-people defence system set forth by the President was a new-type defence system established in the DPRK for the first time in history.
    He also indicated the tasks and ways for further strengthening the WPRG.
    In late January Juche 51 (1962) when visiting Ohyon-ri in Yonan County, South Hwanghae Province with the President, Kim Jong Il gave precious instructions for intensifying combat and political training of WPRG members to defend their birthplaces and working sites.
    In his days at Kim Il Sung University, he personally took part in a WPRG column of the military parade held on the occasion of the 30th founding anniversary of the Korean People's Army.
    He also guided the training of WPRG members and wisely led the work to fully establish the well-organized commanding and training systems and revolutionary military climate in the WPRG.
    In September Juche 100 (2011), the last year of his great life, he saw to it that the 63rd anniversary of the DPRK was splendidly celebrated with the WPRG parade to demonstrate the validity and vitality of the military line of self-reliant defence of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and the great strength of militia forces all over the world.
    Now, the WPRG is displaying its might as the revolutionary armed forces of the WPK under the wise leadership of Marshal
Kim Jong Un. -0-

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